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Activision and Sledgehammer Games' latest bit of DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally gone live for all the other systems that aren't the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you own a PS3, PS4 or you game on PC, you can grab the Supremacy DLC right now.

VG 24/7 noted that the latest DLC for Advanced Warfare owners is currently available for everyone. The DLC first became available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One back on June 2nd. The content brings four brand new maps to the multiplayer arena, as well as an all new entry in the Exo Zombies saga, that previously starred John Malkovich and now stars Bruce Campbell.

The four multiplayer maps includes Parliament, Kremlin, Compound and Skyrise. Most of the maps are quite small and combat, typical of the Call of Duty modus operandi. Kremlin, however, does offer some expansive segments within the map to snipe enemies and lay down the law from a distance.

Skyrise also deviates ever-so-slightly from the usual Call of Duty multiplayer schtick by allowing players to fight atop a roof where there is an office building attached so players can rummage and shoot up the office while also battling across the cold skyrise for dominance.

The real meat and potatoes with a side order of bread and butter comes in the form of the Exo Zombies map. The new map continues the story that began in the previous DLC, starring John Malkovich, Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton and Jon Beranthal. The new Exo Zombies map sees Bruce Campbell step into the leading role after he kills John Malkovich's character. It's no real spoiler given that the trailer for the Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies map clearly shows Bruce Campbell's character killing John Malkovich's character. You can even get a taste of what inspired Campbell to take on the role and provide his likeness and voice to one of the biggest gaming franchises in the history of electronic entertainment with a short interview clip below, via Activision's YouTube channel.

I'm not really a fan of Call of Duty but I have to say, I love Bruce Campbell and I love zombie games and Bruce Campbell fighting zombies in Call of Duty created one of the biggest inner conflicts I've ever had to face in my life: do I give in and pay Activision for content I know I'll regret, or do I avoid the urge to follow my fandom and support one of the greatest B-movie action stars and sci-fi vets in Hollywood?

It's those tough life choices that make gaming hard these days.

Nevertheless, if you don't own an Xbox console and want to get in some play time with the new Exo Zombies DLC or the new multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you can do so right now on the PS3, PS4 and PC.

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