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The Injustice mobile game will afford players an opportunity to check out two of the characters from the upcoming Injustice 2 game, including an armored up Superman and an armored up Aquaman.

Twitter user aero_quinno posted up images of the Injustice mobile game, where two of the character costumes from the upcoming Injustice 2 will be made available in the game for both Superman and Aquaman. You can check them out in the tweets below.

The first dual shots of the characters are obviously the front of the two heroes, while the second dual shots show the two heroes from behind.

Superman is all armored up from head to toe, just like in Injustice 2. The Man of Steel has an armored 'S' crest over his chest, colored red that links to his cape. He has red gloves and and shoulder pads. His entire suit looks a little like an armored bodysuit compared to his spandex getup in previous iterations.

Aquaman from Injustice 2 in the mobile rendition of Injustice actually looks really cool here. He's also very different from how he's portrayed in the gameplay reveal trailer for NetherRealm Studios' fighting game. He still has that Atlantean look, but opposite of the console version of the game, we see that this version of Aquaman has a thick beard, a spear, a bandaged arm and an armored right arm.

Aquaman looks very serious here. Definitely more dangerous than how he first appears in the gameplay trailer for Injustice 2. The bearded version of the character comes across as the kind of guy you wouldn't want to cross paths with.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios will be using the Injustice mobile game as a way to feed unlockable content into the full version of the Injustice sequel, which is due out next year for the Xbox One and PS4.

The armored versions of the characters you see above are representative of the new customization gameplay that NetherRealm is focusing on for the new title. The tagline centers on every battle defining the player, and that rings especially true for the gameplay given that it's possible to unlock new armor and abilities for the characters in between each match.

Winning rounds now has a real tangible effect beyond just the win/loss ratio. Gamers will be compelled to battle it out to unlock new gear for their favorite heroes (or villains) and deck them out in some cool gear.

Given that the post came from a user it doesn't detail when the update featuring Injustice 2 costumes will arrive for the mobile version of the game, but it's likely coming soon for most regions. If this turns out to be popular, don't be surprised if NetherRealm uses this opportunity to introduce more costumes from the sequel into the mobile title.

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