PlayStation VR Headset

The PlayStation VR headset has officially received its release date. Gamers and VR enthusiasts alike can get their hands on the PlayStation VR starting October 13th, for the starting price of $399.99. The pre-orders for the device have already sold out but Sony plans on opening up pre-orders again this summer.

According to the BBC, the PlayStation VR will have a number of high-end titles at its disposal at launch, but many of the titles are minor playable experiences and not full fledged games. There are titles like Batman: Arkham VR and the new IP Farpoint that will aim to flesh out the use of the PlayStation VR with a more substantial experience.

In particular, Farpoint will be able to utilize one of the PlayStation VR's newest peripherals that was announced during the E3 press conference, according to The Verge. The PlayStation Aim is the name of the new peripheral for the PlayStation VR and it's a simple gun-type device that will work seamlessly with VR games that might likely utilize or rely on projectile weaponry.

The PlayStation Aim doesn't quite have a release date yet, so any game that relies on it will simply need to be played with the PlayStation Move as a compensation for the lack of the toy gun peripheral.

And speaking of the PlayStation Move, the device is required to make use of the 3D spatial recognition controls when using a PlayStation VR headset. The PS Move controllers work similarly to the way the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive wireless controllers work, affording players the ability to direct their actions in a 3D space thanks to the built-in sensors within the HMD.

It's crazy but the combination of the PlayStation Camera, Move and VR headset are a perfect family designed to offer gamers a full virtual reality experience. And that brings us to the price of the new headset.

You can get the basic unit for $399. A lot of people noted that this was far cheaper than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but that's because you have to buy the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move wands separately. The cost can quickly catch up to the other high-end HMDs. The bundle pack, which includes the VR HMD, the USB and power cables, a PS VR demo disc, a PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, and the PlayStation VR Worlds game will cost you $499.99. It's still cheaper than the Rift, which will run you $599 or the Vive, which runs at $799.

There is, however, a caveat in terms of the difference in quality between the output of the PS VR and the other two high-end competitors. It does support up to 1080p resolutions per eye running at 120 frames per second, but it doesn't have the 3D space tracking size of the Vive, so there's less room for you to frolic around in compared to the Vive. That's even assuming that room space is something that will make a difference in your purchasing decisions of a virtual reality headset.

Sony has plans on getting up and out 50 games within the launch quarter of the PlayStation VR, including games like Star Wars: Battlefront and RIGS, but exactly how many will be available the same day with the PS VR is still a bit of a toss-up. You can look for the PlayStation VR to go live starting October 13th.

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