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Epic Games have been updating and modifying Paragon throughout the alpha testing phase of the game's development. Soon they will be exiting the closed tests and will be moving into open beta starting August 16th.

Game Informer is reporting that both PlayStation 4 and PC gamers will be able to play the game without any restrictions come August. The title will continue to be free-to-play with a cash shop and it's being pegged as a game that moves the MOBA genre forward to the next level due to the inclusion of third-person combat and strategic non-targeting gameplay.

In addition to heading into open beta, Epic is also making some stark changes to the way Paragon is played in order to give players some significant tactical opportunities on the battlefield. For one, they're adding in a safe-teleport feature where players in Paragon will be able to safely teleport back to friendly structures. The teleport feature has a 90 second cooldown, so you'll only be able to use it in spurts throughout a match, and usually only for the purpose of helping teammates out when the base is under attack.

This is a very different approach to protecting bases (oftentimes referred to as "towers" in MOBA games) because it means that when a base is under attack players can instantly teleport back to them in order to provide support. It doesn't mean that the teleport will mean instant victory, because it's completely possible to teleport to a base that's under attack only to be killed and taken out of action. This would mean that not only would your base still be under attack but the enemy base would not be attacked either, thus rendering your efforts void.

Epic is also taking liberties with the way talents or skills work in Paragon with their drop-pod card system. During a match it's possible to have the pods drop in for characters for the purpose of leveling up and upgrading skills throughout the match.

These upgrades follow on the recent news that a new character has also recently been added to the Paragon mix going by the name of Khaimera. He's a tough looking brute with dual axes and an awesome outfit consisting of a cowl with a crescent moon on it that connects to the skull of a horned beast. Epic's art team really got creative with Khaimera. If you missed the trailer during the craziness of E3, the teaser for Khaimera can be viewed below.

This crazy, beastly character can be played on June 21. Epic Games also has plans on unleashing more characters leading up to the game's open beta in August.

While a lot of players like MOBAs, some aren't entirely thrilled with them; Epic Games is attempting to find that bridge between people who enjoy third-person shooters and hack-and-slash games and people who enjoy tactical teamwork, but without the real-time strategy elements that can sometimes bog down the ease of access to most MOBA titles.

You can expect to join Paragon's open beta on both PlayStation 4 and on PC starting August 16.

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