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Mighty No. 9

Comcept's crowd-funded side-scroller, Mighty No. 9, has not hit the ground running. Instead, the game has hit the ground struggling. Worse yet is that some backers are reporting that they're not receiving the proper codes to access some of the game's downloadable content.

According to a brief but informative article by Game Informer, they managed to get word from a couple of backers who put some money into Mighty No. 9 but had trouble accessing some of the backer rewards in the form of DLC.

Some of the backers were pleased with the results, others were not. In a few cases some backers were given the wrong backer codes for Mighty No. 9, which resulted in a backer getting two of the same DLC packs but not the pack he paid for. Presumably he's still working things out with Comcept to get that issue fixed.

There's also reports that the Wii U version is having some serious issues and that Comcept is attempting to fix the game and the bugs that gamers have discovered. They don't detail exactly what went wrong with the Wii U version, but out of the 10 people who rated the game on Metacritic for Nintendo's console, only four of those individuals gave it a positive rating. Technically, it has a higher average on the Wii U than the user ratings for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Mighty No. 9 is also scheduled to release on the Xbox 360, Mac and Linux at the end of the week. There is also the matter of the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions as well, which have not released yet.

Comcept took the risky venture of trying to ship the game on as many platforms as possible and it truly hampered the development of the game, especially in terms of getting things done in a convenient and efficient manner. For one, the developers had to scale back on the graphics based on what they had originally implemented for Mighty No. 9, so fire effects, explosions, lighting and high-end shaders were all toned down over the course of the game's development to accommodate the portable systems and older gen consoles. This was also so that they could have one solid version that would be capable of running on all of the platforms, both the new and the old.

A lot of backers weren't pleased with the downgrades, especially given that the game kept getting delayed due to the downgrades and for the multiplayer mode that they were having a tough time implementing.

According to the Game Informer article Keiji Inafune confirmed that for now "this is what you see is what you get for the Mighty No. 9 world". So there won't be any additional DLC or games following this outing unless the title manages to sell well.

It's very possible that due to the amount of platforms it has released on that the spiritual successor to Mega Man could sell well in the long run, but there's also the strong (and likely) possibility that the negative word of mouth would likely halt sales of Mighty No. 9 across most platforms.

This was one of the "Kickstarter darlings" that was supposed to usher in a new era of gaming where the developers and gamers connect directly through crowd-funding, but it was also one of the few darlings that hasn't quite lived up to its own hype. There's still the possibility of modders restoring the game to the graphics and visual fidelity that we saw early on in production, but that's assuming the community sticks around to fix up the title.

In the meantime, some backers are still trying to get their hands on the right codes while others are still waiting for their physical backer rewards to ship.

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