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A lot of analysts are expecting the PlayStation VR to sell big this fall during the holiday season. Well, one of the things most people probably didn't expect was for the pre-orders to sell out within minutes of going live.

According to IGN, a GameStop representative revealed to Gamespot that after Sony had opened up pre-orders for the PlayStation VR again, they were all sold out within minutes. It's as if a bunch of people were hovering around the PlayStation VR links just waiting for the green light to pounce and pre-order a pair for themselves.

Sony has been intermittently opening and closing pre-orders for the PlayStation VR leading up to its eventual release on October 13th. Every time they schedule enough product to fulfill those pre-orders, they open up the pre-orders again and begin to fulfill new requests. The cycle has happened a couple of times now and Sony has confirmed that there won't be anymore pre-orders to fulfill until the HMD launches in October.

This means that if you didn't manage to get your hands on the headset ahead of launch, you'll have to fight other people for it come this October. I suspect that with a proper marketing campaign the PlayStation VR will fly off store shelves.

The headset alone costs $399.99. A lot of people have praised Sony for undercutting both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift (which isn't too difficult to do given how expensive they both are). However, others have criticized Sony for the hidden costs that come with the PlayStation VR, many of which are bound to take casual consumers by surprise.

For instance, one of the things many people may not know is that you will be required to have the PlayStation Move controllers if you plan on playing any of the PlayStation VR specific titles. You will need two of the wands. These wands usually go around $29.99 each, or you can get them used for about $15 from some place. You'll also need a charging station, which can also run you around $30 or so. In total, if you plan on buying everything brand new, you'll likely pay close to $100 for two move controllers and a charging station. If shop around, you might be able to get the two wands and charging station used for less than $20 each.

In addition to the PlayStation Move wands, you'll also need a PlayStation Camera. These are usually in short supply, but you can grab a PlayStation Camera for around $59.99. Again, if you shop around you can grab the PlayStation Camera for around $30 to $40 if you get it used. But assuming you're getting it new, you'll have to tack on the additional costs to your total. So what is the total if you don't buy the PlayStation VR Bundle? Well, you're likely going to be paying around $550, which is still not bad but if you throw in a game that's $600.

Now if you already own a PlayStation Camera and a Move controller, then you're mostly already good to go, you would just need the PlayStation VR headset. If you are planning on getting the HMD, the smarter thing to do would probably be to purchase all the accessories now so it's less to spend when it's time to buy the PlayStation VR when it launches on October 13.

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