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Final Fantasy Is Entering The Board Game Universe, Get The Details


The world of Final Fantasy is finally being translated into a board game, one that captures the mechanics and scope of the popular RPG series and translates it seamlessly to your table top. Just kidding, it's Monopoly!

While a massive cardboard recreation of the Final Fantasy experience sure would be a lot of fun to play when everyone is tired of staring at TV screens all day, I suppose table top gamers with a hunger for pointy hair and massive swords can at least get something of a fix when Final Fantasy VII Monopoly hits store shelves in April 2017. Wow, that's kind of a long time to wait for what will likely be a reskin of Monopoly. I wonder if it's being planned to launch around the same window as that highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake series.

Speculation about upcoming video games aside, not all of the themed Monopoly games are straight reskins, so here's hoping this Final Fantasy VII version offers a little something beyond tiles named after locations from the game, pieces that look like the characters and spiffy buildings and fake money. The folks over at Kotaku stumbled across this new version of Monopoly earlier this week, stating that it was originally listed as a $50 investment.

As for the game's description, it claims that folks looking to delve into the city of Midgar can take advantage of "the latest business opportunities." You know, just like in Final Fantasy VII! The game and description were originally listed on Merchoid but, since then, the post has been mysteriously removed. The only hint we have as to the physical nature of the game is that pieces will include housing developments and Mako reactors, which we assume will replace the houses and motels.

So it looks like we've got a nice, long wait until Final Fantasy VII Monopoly arrives, but at least we'll have this fall's Final Fantasy XV to keep up busy in the meantime. There's also the FFXV VR experience to look forward to for those of you who plan on investing in a PlayStation VR headset, as well as whatever additional updates hit Final Fantasy XIV's online community in the next 12 months. Oh, and there's also World of Final Fantasy so, yeah, you won't exactly be hurting for Final Fantasy goodness between now and April.

But now this has all gotten me thinking: What would a full-on Final Fantasy board game look like? I mean, they're turning the complex systems of Dark Souls into a table top romp, so I imagine some clever designer could make Final Fantasy into a cardboard adventure. Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.