Here's How PlayStation TV Streaming Service Is Doing

PlayStation TV
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The PlayStation TV streaming device may be dead and gone, but the PlayStation Vue television streaming service is alive and well. While the small streaming box didn't quite catch on, the service itself has managed to acquire more than 100,000 subscribers.

According to Gamespot, a report on Bloomberg has indicated that the PlayStation TV streaming service has managed to hit the 100,000 mark, but some reports are indicating that the figures may approximate closer to the likes of 120,000.

The subscriber count is steadily and slowly increasing the longer the service is made available. The adoption rates are definitely climbing since Sony debuted the service for mobile devices, smart TVs, the PlayStation home consoles and previously the PlayStation TV unit.

Originally the PS TV unit was going to be the bridge between streaming television programs and not needing a traditional cable box. However, the PlayStation TV unit, which launched back in 2014, just never really caught on. Earlier this year the PlayStation TV was confirmed for discontinuation after production had ended on the units back in late 2015.

However, despite the PlayStation TV micro-console biting the dust, the service that the device connected consumers to has continued to thrive and grow. PlayStation Vue, the streaming service that delivers television streaming to consumers, has seen a steady increase in subscribers since its debut and as result Sony is backing the service with more support for more devices.

In fact, following on the heels of the micro-console going away, Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vue is now available for the Google-powered Android devices. PC Mag has reported recently that Android devices running KitKat version 4.4 or higher can access the PlayStation Vue streaming service, enabling users to watch TV from just about anywhere.

The news about the Android devices arrives a few months after Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that the success of the video-on-demand service had warranted expansion into new markets. They announced that the PlayStation Vue was expanding across the entirety of the United States and with various tiered pricing structures, including a 55 channel option for 29.99 and an elite bundle with more than 100 channels for $44.99 a month.

Pricing wise, it's about equivalent to what you might pay for cable access. The only difference is that an account offers access to streaming content from any device or platform (except for the Wii U and Xbox One, of course); this includes everything from from late night talk shows to procedurals to mini-series like The People vs O.J. Simpson.

Usually with cable you have to pay for additional equipment or access for more than one television to watch network series, cable TV or VOD. In this case it's a one price fits all and Sony seems to be gaining some decent ground with the service. 100,000 subscribers certainly is still small compared to the larger television market out there, but it does show some promise for Sony's foray into the streaming television sector.

According to the Bloomberg report, the PlayStation Vue's nearest mainstream competitor, Sling TV, has managed to rack up 700,000 subscribers. So Sony has a lot of catching up to do to overtake Sling TV.

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