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Neck-deep in the game's third season of content, it looks like the team at Iron Galaxy is nowhere near done creating more characters for their popular fighting game, Killer Instinct. A recent survey even hints at some possible future DLC characters, including another entry from the _Hal_o series and several others.

An Xbox One exclusive fighter, Killer Instinct brought back a beloved series from the Super Nintendo days featuring a unique mix of fighters that ranged from a human torch and a skeleton pirate to a cybernetic brute and a werewolf.

This latest incarnation of Killer Instinct may have hit the market with a slimmed down roster, but the army of selectable characters has grown over the past few years. Constant updates have introduced oodles of new fighters, including new takes on Killer Instinct vets as well as cameo appearances from other game series.

Most recently, Killer Instinct fans have had the opportunity to take Rash from Battletoads out into the arena, alongside Halo's Arbiter. At E3 2016, a new trailer for Killer Instinct revealed that General RAAM from Gears of War would also be added to the mix.

Looking ahead, it seems like Iron Galaxy has every intention of introducing more new characters to the game and, as in the past, it looks like they are eyeballing both newcomers, new takes on familiar faces and even some additional cameos.

Some Killer Instinct fans have started receiving a survey asking them to rank a collection of nine possible new fighters in order of preference. Along with some new cameos, this list contains what seems like vague ideas for characters the team would like to work on. Right off the bat, Perfect Dark's Joanna Dark pops up, as well as a Halo Brute and a Crackdown Agent.

Those selections are joined by the likes of Djinn and Eagle, who could either be references to characters we're not familiar with or, again, ideas behind new characters. There's also a Lovecraftian option, as well as a Wendigo and a Magic Archer. Finally, there's Eyedol, the boss from the first Killer Instinct game.

There was only one other section to the survey, this one asking participants to rank five new takes on existing characters. Since skins would be super easy to make and probably not require a survey to gauge interest, we're guessing these are planned as possible new selectable characters. They include Kelvin (Rushdown Glacius), Cinder Pre-Transformation, Sharkman (TJ), Shadow Orchid and Aganos ENT (Broccoli Man).

So what do you think, readers? Anyone here catching your eye as a possible new main for Killer Instinct? Any cameo characters you'd rather see in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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