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Many Pokemon Go players have been down in the dumps about the numerous bugs and glitches plaguing Pokemon Go. Well, Niantic Labs released an update that fixes some of the most irritating problems.

This morning, Niantic Labs released a statement indicating exactly what was fixed in the update that was released. You can find the list of fixes below.

  • Trainers do not have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force logout.

  • Added stability to Pokemon Trainer Club account login process.

  • Resolved issues causing crashes.

  • Fixed Google account scope.

While this update does fix some major issues like the access to players' Google accounts and the problem of not being to log back in once you've been forced to log out, there's no telling if this update fixed the notorious gym glitch.

The gym glitch happens when someone goes to capture a gym and as the game counts down to the first battle, the player is pushed back to the main gym screen. This was one of the biggest issues talked about on Twitter. But then again, so was the logging in problem, which hopefully should now be fixed.

There will be a number of different Pokemon Go bugs and glitches that come along, so hopefully this solves some of the bigger Pokemon Go problems.

I know one of the biggest problems I had, especially when I went somewhere really busy and populated, the game would freeze up and crash and I couldn't see Pokemon where the app said there should be Pokemon. So I'm hoping the update helps with some of the freezing (which might have been a part of the crashing) and calms the freakouts when the app is in a more densely populated area. There's only one way to tell just how much the update helped the problems, and that's to go outside and test it yourself.

Even with a number of glitches and bugs, Pokemon Go has still been at the top of conversations across the internet, so it's a little surprising that while people have been raging on Twitter about all of the problems, it's still as successful as it has been. What's reassuring is those problems have already begun to get taken care of, so it's only a matter of time before Pokemon Go issues are down to a minimum.

For more information on Pokemon Go, you can visit the official website.

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