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The Pokemon Go servers were down this morning and apparently a hacking group is already taking credit for the DDoS attack. Because, you know, nobody can just have fun anymore without somebody coming along to ruin it.

If you were hoping to play Pokemon Go this morning, you might have had some trouble getting onto the servers. Most folks didn't really flinch, as the game is only a week old and has been known to have server issues from time to time. That all changed, though, when the downtime extended a bit longer than normal and then the hacking group known as PoodleCorp decided to claim responsibility for the issues. Over on Twitter, PoodleCorp stated (without actually stating, really) that they are to blame for the brief Pokemon Go crash.

Just to drive home the fact that they really meant business, a member of the group then went on to state that they were just doing "a lil test" and that "something on a larger scale" is on the way. This time around, they did not hashtag the group name or even mention Pokemon Go, though, which we're guessing is some sort of weak sauce method of denying accountability if they ever got caught for messing around with the Pokemon Go servers.

But here's the latest buzz: Pokemon Go launched in several extra major territories this week and, just hours before the servers went down, that roll out continued. In other words, the atmosphere was perfect for a brief server issue, which might be the actual explanation for what went down. It's possible nobody was to blame and PoodleCorp was just the first group to take responsibility for an attack that didn't happen.

Either way, we hope Nintendo and Niantic take all of this seriously. Even if there wasn't an attack this morning, it's likely to be an issue for the foreseeable future. I could have spent this entire post ranting about the motivations of attacks like this and the hobbies of people who orchestrate them, but I figure they aren't worth the breath.

It all boils down to this: Pokemon Go got huge fast. A lot of people were having a lot of fun with it. Some people can only get their jollies by ruining said fun.

As for Niantic, they've also taken to twitter, but have not actually acknowledged any such attack. They simply stated they have been working on a fix for the server issue and thanked trainers for all of their patience. They promised another update "soon," so hopefully we'll get any additional details, assuming they exist.

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