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Dead Rising

Another long series of rumors, leaks and speculation has evolved into reality, this time involving some classic games from the Dead Rising series.

Dead Rising 4 made its debut at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2016, announced as an Xbox One timed exclusive. Until that announcement, it was not known if Dead Rising would ever make its way onto modern consoles. According to a recent announcement, however, it looks like a handful of older games in the Dead Rising series will actually beat Dead Rising 4 to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Speaking with the folks over at Gamespot, Capcom confirmed that modern consoles will be getting a trio of Dead Rising games while the PC will get one of its own. Evidence of this first popped up when a supposed leaked list of PS4 trophies for the original Dead Rising started making its rounds on the internet. Gamespot reached out to Capcom, who just went ahead and upended the entire bag full of cats.

According to their statement, PC gamers will soon be able to play the original Dead Rising, the only game in the series not currently available on the platform. As for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the original Dead Rising will be joined by Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like these are going to be remasters or anything like that. Since the PC is only getting one of the trio of games, it stands to reason that it's getting the standard version of Dead Rising. That being the case, it then stands to reason that all three versions are ports; otherwise, why wouldn't they bring all three to PC?

We don't know if we're looking at a digital release for consoles, or perhaps a single disc containing all three games. Either way, if you haven't gotten into the series yet, this certainly wouldn't be a bad way to take the plunge. Capcom stated that they'll be releasing more information soon, so keep your eyes peeled for additional details in the coming weeks.

As for what newcomers can expect out of the Dead Rising series, you'll get plopped into a world overrun with zombies and only a handful of desperate survivors trying to fight their way through the apocalypse. This ain't no Walking Dead, though, so don't expect gravely whispering through every conversation or heartfelt goodbyes when the zombies get a hold of an innocent.

Instead, expect open worlds positively filled with shambling monsters and a ridiculous number of ways to send them back to the grave. You'll get to craft all sorts of insane weapons and take part in ridiculous activities. Good times will be had by all.