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Pokemon Go

Amidst all of the movie, television and comic book news coming out of San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, a bit of Pokemon Go information managed to get snuck into the mix. It's actually a pretty big reveal for the game, as players now know what their gym leaders look like.

If you jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon and reached level five at this point, then chances are you've visited a gym and been given the opportunity to pick a team; Valor, Mystic or *stifles laughter* Instinct.

Until now, the leaders of those gyms have been little more than silhouettes. Players were told a bit about the personality of the gym leaders but, otherwise, we only had their outlines to go off of. I assumed that was just an artistic choice, but it turns out that the full designs simply weren't finalized yet.

Niantic revealed during a Pokemon Go forum during this weekend's Comic Con event that an upcoming patch will boast the full art for these gym leaders, though they went ahead and hosted the official reveal for those in attendance.

Without further ado, here are your Pokemon Go gym leaders.

As you can see, we've got Candela holding down the fort for the mighty Team Valor, Blanche looking all deep in thought for the humdrum Team Mystic and poor, dear Spark already becoming the butt of many online jokes for Team Instinct. I don't know why everyone decided that Team Instinct would be the goofy misfit of the bunch, but it seems like Spark was doomed to a life of teasing before he ever even saw the light of day.

These are certainly more edgy, slightly more mature/realistic character designs than we're used to seeing for Pokemon gym leaders, but they fit in nicely with the limited character designs already on display in the mobile game.

Thankfully, this is not the last we've seen of these leaders, Game Rant is reporting that further details were revealed during the Pokemon Go presentation, including the fact that gym leaders will eventually pop up to give players advice, as well as additional tasks to keep them busy. Unfortunately, we're not sure how much of that you'll be able to enjoy if you're already deep into the game. It sounds to us like this content will be geared at new players when the game becomes more robust, which Niantic is also promising through future updates.

Don't hold your breath on those new features just yet, though. The team has reiterated the fact that their primary goal is to make sure the game is stable across all regions, then maybe they'll tackle those other features like more interactive gyms, customizable PokeStops and the like.

For now, though, bow before your team's fearless leader!