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The spiffy new versions of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are available this week, allowing players to battle with a dream team of superheroes and villains across a pair of beloved games that are, at this point, about a decade old. Before you dive in, though, why not check out the visual facelift in a collection of screenshots?

As we announced over the weekend, the folks at Marvel had quite a few big announcements to share during San Diego Comic Con. Amidst all of that talk about Doctor Strange and the many new seasons and shows coming to Netflix, though, was the announcement that a couple of old-school fan-favorite Marvel games would soon arrive on modern consoles.

If you missed out on Marvel Ultimate Alliance back in 2006 or Ultimate Alliance 2 back in 2009, now is your chance to take both of those games for a spin. As was announced over the weekend, both games are now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network, with Xbox Live Marketplace and PC releases happening over the course of the next 24 hours.

You can pick up the games separately for $39.99 a pop or just go in for the full bundle at $59.99. All of the DLC is included, alongside some tweaks to the UI and a visual overhaul.

As you can tell from these screenshots, however, the look of the Ultimate Alliance games has not been drastically reworked. These are to be considered the ultimate editions of the games, not from-the-ground-up remakes. As was originally announced, the development team wanted to keep the games as close to the source material as possible. So while they might not look like next gen games, they're still pretty easy on the eyes.

Even better is the fact that the Ultimate Alliance games' focus on multiplayer remains intact, too. Players will be able to enjoy four-player couch cooperative play or team up with friends and strangers online. Both Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 can be played solo but, as is tradition with these types of dungeon-crawling brawlers, the experience is exponentially better with other players in control of your teammates, cracking wise the whole time.

We're always excited to see great games given a second lease on life, and the Ultimate Alliance games definitely deserve this chance. They were a lot of fun back in the day, so we imagine the added bonus of online play will make them even better today.

If you've had a chance to dive in already, please let us know what you think so far in the comments section below.

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