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Bethesda and Arkane Studios released a new trailer for the reboot of Prey, the first-person horror shooter. The trailer shows off the first bits of gameplay following its reveal back at E3 in June. We see a few of the weapons, gadgets, and enemies on display.

The trailer was posted up over on Bethesda Softworks' YouTube channel. It arrived after it was first displayed during this year's QuakeCon. The event allowed Bethesda to give gamers a sleek look at some of the new titles they have in the works, one of which includes Prey.

The trailer starts with a voiceover from Morgan Yu, the lead protagonist in the game, explaining that there's a recurring dream about staring out into the stars and that there's something there. The trailer begins to morph and bend, warping into a more twisted depiction of what was first showcased at the beginning.

We begin to see the more horrific elements of the space station come to life; Yu's narration goes from optimistic and promising, to terror-filled and dreaded. Instead of referring to the recurring themes as a "dream", the narration refers to them as a "nightmare". So sets the stage for Prey.

The game is being labeled as an FPS thriller with a psychological twist. It almost sounds a little bit like The Darkness.

I can definitely see that they're going for something more cerebral, which isn't too far off from what the original Prey was like when it first launched. However, the cerebral elements of the original game from back in 2006 were based on Native American shamanism and spiritual mysticism. Those elements tied well into the game's use of astral travel, dimensional portals, and the ability to dive into and out of various planes of existence thanks to alien technology. If that sounds like a mind trip... that's because it was.

For the new game, it looks like they're going more of the sci-fi route instead of the mysticism route. A lot of the comments on the YouTube page are talking up the game's similarities to Valve's Half-Life, given that there's a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding what's going on with the experiments involving the black smoke monsters.

It looks like a mix of Lost, Half-Life and BioShock, all rolled into one. Some of the standard weapons include pistols and shotguns, and it appears as if the black smoke monster can embody other people and objects.

I'm not sure what's up with the one scene with the eye-poking machine, but it looks like players may need it to inject some stuff into their face for upgrades or story purposes. I'm not sure what's going on there but I'm sure we'll find out as the game draws closer to its 2017 release.

There still isn't a whole lot of information available about Prey just yet, and that's a good thing, as gamers are kept waiting and itching for more info and gameplay material. We'll likely get to see more at this year's GamesCom moving toward its release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year.

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