The Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition Is Missing Something Important

Battlefield 1

Collector's Editions of games are like DLC and microtransactions. They're going to happen, there's nothing anybody can do about that. Having said that, sometimes these extra game editions are cool, and sometimes they get a little out of hand. The Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collectors Edition is a little ridiculous. It's got all the stuff we've come to expect: statues, special cases for the disc, DLC, and lots of little trinkets you'll never use. There's one thing that it doesn't have, however, it doesn't come with the game.

The pre-order page for the Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector's Edition is now live on For $129.99 you can order it to be sure you can get it when the game is released, for those who get early access, October 18. However, one thing that you'll notice, is that right after the item name on the page, in nice large letters, are the words "Does Not Include Game."

The complete list of what's included in the Exclusive Collector's Edition appears to be identical to what is in the already announced Collector's Edition of the game, minus the actual game disc. It comes with a cloth poster, playing cards, and everything else. It seems like an odd decision. While there might certainly be fans of BattleField 1 who want all the cool stuff that comes inside the big box, surely all those people would just go ahead and get the full Collector's Edition, as it also includes the Deluxe Edition of the game with all the extra digital goodies that go along with that.

Of course, bringing up the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition brings up entirely new questions. It's currently available for pre-order for $80. If you order that through your digital store of choice, then order this box set from Amazon for $130, it will cost you a total of $210. That's fine, more money than I would ever spend on a game, but fine. The problem is that the full Collector's Edition which includes the game comes in at $220. If you get anything more for that extra $10, it's far from clear.

Battlefield 1 promises to be a unique game amongst the current crop of first-person shooters. While most games have been going for a modern, if not futuristic design, Battlefield 1 will focus on The Great War, taking weapons, characters, and locations, back to World War I. It's something of a gamble for the series, but if it pays off it could allow the Battlefield series to take a huge bite out of Call of Duty's lead in the genre. Fans do seem much more interested in seeing Battlefield 1 than they do Infinite Warfare.

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