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No Man's Sky

Hello Games has a busy week ahead of them, launching one of the biggest games of the summer for both PC and the PlayStation 4. They also have a massive update planned for No Man's Sky's release on Tuesday following server wipes on Sunday and Monday.

Over on the official No Man's Sky website, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray laid out the changelog for version 1.03. It features some spoilers, so I should warn you... there are some spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

One of the biggest and most significant changes is with the story. Previous to the patch, there was no direct story path and now there will be three different story paths to follow in update 1.03. They've also expanded on a particular story path with writing help from James Swallow who worked on Deus Ex. So for those of you wondering why they're wiping the servers ahead of the update that's why.

The story update also ties into the way players discover new locations across the universe in No Man's Sky. Galaxies have been made 10 times larger and the planet algorithm has been vastly changed so there's more variety for each planet you visit.

Developers also modified terrain generation, ecosystem diversity, and even planet rotation adjustments. AI has also been overhauled, with various sentinel AI now working together if they're alerted. So if you don't take care of a sentinel droid quickly, it can jet off and alert other sentinels to come to its aid. That's a pretty cool setup, actually.

No Man's Sky will also undergo a complete stat overhaul for the weapons, the ships, and the armor. The patch will change a number of different things regarding the actual gameplay, including the shooting mechanics. The shooting has been more efficient so it's more "gentle" when auto-aiming and "stickier" during more intense situations.

And speaking of combat, No Man's Sky is known for its space combat, so Hello Games has added a few more advanced dogfighting techniques to the table, including brake-drifting and critical hits.

Some exploits were fixed and some crashes in result of the exploit were also fixed. Optimizations have been made and some pop-in and LOD clipping has been fixed as well.

Despite all of the changes being made in version 1.03 of No Man's Sky, Sean Murray states that they're already jotting down changes that will be made for the next update, which includes optimizing planet generation speed that have large bodies of water.

There's so many different changes set to arrive in the day-one update and it's a little worrying that so many changes had to be made to the game post-going gold.

Sean Murray explains that some new cloud generation technology will also be making its way into No Man's Sky alongside the ability to build bases and control space freighters. That should be a very interesting update once it arrives.

You'll be able to hop into No Man's Sky starting tomorrow on the PS4 and later in the week for PC. Sean Murray doesn't say when the next major update will arrive, but he mentions that plenty of them at Hello Games won't be taking a vacation while they continue to update and fix up No Man's Sky post-release.

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