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No Man's Sky

There's been a blow-up in the gaming community over refunds for No Man's Sky. A lot of gamers have expressed discontent with the final product compared to what was advertised. Many gamers are seeking refunds even though they've exceeded the two-hour playtime limit set by some distributors.

According to Polygon, gamers have set about putting together a list of ways to get refunds even when the two-week ownership and two-hour play limit has been exceeded (a regulation set into place by Steam for acquiring refunds). There's a flood of negative reviews for the space sim given that it doesn't contain many of the advertised features and worse yet, some gamers have been unable to progress in the game due to incessant crashing.

A thread on Reddit goes into detail about steps to take for getting refunds for No Man's Sky if the two-hour limit has been exceeded. They mention that you should not use the automated process because it will not work, but instead get into contact with an actual Steam representative to get a refund on the game.

This was widely reported across the web from many outlets because a lot of players were attempting to get refunds for No Man's Sky, both on PC and on PS4. They were attempting to do so no matter where they acquired the game from, with Amazon supposedly being the most generous in handing out refunds, followed by GameStop and then Steam.

There are tons of forum posts on Steam and on places like NeoGaf where users have claimed some success in getting refunds for the game, even with one user having put in 50 hours worth of play time before getting a refund.

This uproar over refunds led to Steam updating their store page for No Man's Sky, indicating that the standard refund policy still applies for the game and that "there are no special exemptions available". They link back to the standard Steam refund policy indicating that if you had the game for more than two weeks and played for more than two hours, you will not be able to get a refund.

Some users, however, have taken to the forums to advise others that despite the warning they should still use the ticket system to request refunds for No Man's Sky.

In fact, there's an active thread right now filled with users who are still getting refunds on the game after putting in up to 10 hours of playtime into the game. The thread went live after Steam made the post on the store page indicating that there would be no exceptions. The thread is aptly titled "got my refund".

Some users claimed that it was all "lies" and that no one is getting refunds, but users began posting links to their profiles, such as Darth Vader, inviting people to check that they indeed did get refunds on the game even after the message was posted up that there would be no exceptions. Darth Vader had 13 hours on record for No Man's Sky if you check his profile. However, since the game is no longer in his library, if you attempt to click on the stats for the game the page does not exist since he managed to get a refund on the title.

Various others in the thread also offered to share their profiles to prove the naysayers wrong, indicating that while there is a giant banner on the store page for No Man's Sky saying that there are special exemptions made, some gamers have still been successful in getting refunds since the game does not work as intended and does not feature some of the content that was advertised.

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