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PlayStation Pro

The fact that Playstation was working on new consoles has been the worst kept secret in gaming. However, the company has now made their official announcement. There is a new, slimmer PlayStation on the way, as well as a new higher end console. What had been called Playstation Neo has been officially unveiled as the PlayStation Pro.

At Sony's press event today in New York City, the company officially told us what we already knew. However, a number of additional details were also unveiled. To start with, while the PlayStation Slim is now a real thing, it doesn't have a sexy new name. The reason for this, is that the new, slimmer PS4 will be the standard model going forward, replacing the current console. The new PS4 will have all of the capabilities of the current console, but in a smaller box. The new PlayStation was announced to be available in most markets beginning September 15 and it will sell at $299.

In addition to a replacement for existing PS4, Sony also announced a new PS4 for the "discerning" gamer. The PlayStation Pro has been designed to get the most out of PlayStation games for players who use 4K or HDR displays. They showed off a number of upcoming titles, including Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man game, to show how much color and detail the new console is capable of providing.

In addition to being great for new games, the PlayStation Pro would also have something they called "forward compatibility" which means that several developers are currently working on patches for their existing PS4 games, Shadow of Mordor, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided being two examples, that will improve the current games' performance on the PlayStation Pro.

As Sony's event was not broadcast in 4K, it was difficult to really be able to tell what the quality of the improvements really were. However, as more and more people adopt higher resolution displays, the desire for higher quality gaming will only become greater.

It was made clear that the same games will work on either PlayStation 4 models, so players running on the current model will not lose the ability to play particular games. A number of developers were then paraded out to show off how great their games would look on PlayStation Pro. As expected, we got our first real look at gameplay at Mass Effect: Andromeda. In addition, Activision announced that they will launch Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. In 4K at 60 fps.

For those who use their console for things other than gaming, PlayStation announced that the PlayStation Pro Netflix and YouTube apps will also support 4K and HDR content. In addition, for those who have HDR displays, but already have a PlayStation 4, there will be an update next week that will make all PS4's HDR capable.

Playstation Pro will launch November 10 at a price point of $399

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