Super Mario

Ever since Nintendo announced that Pokemon Go was coming to the Apple Watch and revealed Super Mario Runner, a lot of people have been asking Nintendo when they're going to formally announce the Nintendo NX. In fact, it's become a bit of an obsession for some fans, as they stalk the Nintendo pages begging for information.

This may sound like hyperbole and a complete fabrication of community obsession, but I assure that it is not. Polygon did a write-up showing that various replies to their posts resulted in people diverting to the question about NX news. The Twitter comments for the Nintendo of America account shows a lot of people begging for news about the NX.

Ryan's comments are a bit tame compared to some. He's just hoping that the Tokyo Game Show doesn't end without some sort of reveal or mention for the Nintendo NX. Besides, there are now only a handful of months left before the system actually launches, and we still don't know what it looks like.

The subtle desperation from Ryan didn't really match up to the all-caps response from Twitter user Noi, who has "NX" in their handle. They raided the Paper Mario Color Splash Tweet from Nintendo of America to beg for more NX news.

Noi has some real financial gumption there... willing to put money down on a game they don't care about just to get it for the Nintendo NX. Now that's some real dedication right there.

And then there were people like Todd Spengo, who figured that maybe the Nintendo NX could be revealed if they threaten self-harm toward Nintendo by going without food.

If Todd was planning on losing weight then fasting might help, but the better and more efficient way to weight loss is playing Pokemon Go... if you're a real Nintendo fan.

A YouTube music producer didn't get into the theatrics or the all-caps screaming fests that some of the other users did. Instead, they only had three words spread across three sentences directed firmly at the official Nintendo of America account.

None of those tweets really measure up to to a certain DavidGX, though. He wasn't interested in news about the Nintendo NX and neither were the people replying to him. The one thing that David wanted more than anything was for Nintendo to tell all the fans when they're going to tell all the fans about the Nintendo NX. Yes, we've reached the point where fans are now begging for an announcement date where they will announce the Nintendo NX. I kid you not.

But even then, the comments of fans and die-hard Nintendo followers begging for Nintendo NX news is to be expected. They hang on to every word Nintendo publishes and latch onto every franchise that comes out. We expect the die-hard fans to be... well, die-hard fans.

What's funny, though, is seeing media outlets getting in on the action, replying to official Nintendo posts with response gifs while making it known that the only thing they're interested in from Nintendo is NX news. Shigeru News, a news site covering all things Nintendo, has been popping onto Nintendo's feed asking and checking up for anything remotely related to the NX.

With nothing to report the account then goes back into waiting, desperately seeking info from the Big 'N'. The reality is that Nintendo operates on their own time, and no amount of begging from fans is going to make the NX appear any sooner than what Nintendo has planned. Rumors suggest more news will be available in October, but for now we'll have to wait until March, 2017 for the new system to launch.

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