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If there's one thing I've always said the Legend of Zelda series is missing, it's the culinary arts. Thankfully, based on what we're seeing in Nintendo's latest clip from the game, it looks like Link will be one heck of a chef in the upcoming Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Cooking

On today’s episode of “Cooking with Link,” learn how to make Hearty Steamed Mushrooms, Spicy Sautéed Peppers and… Dubious Food?

Posted by The Legend of Zelda on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We had already heard that cooking would be in the upcoming Breath of the Wild, with some folks making a comparison between the new Zelda game and the Monster Hunter series. Like in Monster Hunter, it looks like Link will be able to cook food on the go that will help restore his health, boost stats, and maybe even hurt enemies.

Nintendo today posted the above clip to Facebook, which they're calling "Cooking with Link." It looks like all you need to get with the master chef skills is a camp site and some ingredients.

The clip begins with Link lighting a torch over the crackling fire. He then smacks a massive wok with the torch, thus beginning his cooking escapades.

It looks like all you have to do to cook in Breath of the Wild is drop in some ingredients, watch them bounce around and, ta-da, you've got yourself a hearty meal. We're guessing that experimentation will be rewarded for discovering new recipes, and known recipes will likely be sold at shops or given as gifts.

With a freshly prepared meal in hand, we see Link sneak up on a cave shaped like a skull. He breaks out the Hearty Steamed Mushrooms he just prepared and scarfs them down, fully recovering his health.

Next up, we see Link tracking down some spicy peppers, picking them in the wild as though he were John Marston on a quest for wildflowers. Throwing those bad boys over the fire, Link creates some spicy sautéed peppers. They don't heal his hearts, but they do seem to strengthen him against the elements, allowing the hero of Hyrule to keep on trucking when cold weather's got him down.

The final recipe we're shown is for "dubious food," which we're guessing comes up as a result of Link throwing a whole bunch of random junk into the pot. It says that it probably won't hurt you to eat it, but we're guessing that's not the case. We wouldn't be surprised if the purpose of these botched meals is to either lure out certain enemies or poison baddies. Then again, maybe it's just the result of bad cooking and your best bet is to just throw it away.

It's nice to see all of this new footage from Breath of the Wild, but you know what would be even better? Playing the game. Hey, Nintendo? Any word on that NX console launch and, thus, the arrival of Link's next adventure?

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