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Telltale's take on The Walking Dead is set to shamble ever onward this fall and, thanks to a recent posting, it looks like we might have an actual release date for Clementine's next adventure in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with flesh-eating monsters.

A few weeks back, we learned that The Walking Dead: Season 3, also known as A New Frontier, was heading our way sometime in November. Now that Amazon has updated its listing for the game, however, it looks like we might be able to narrow in even further on the potential release date of Nov. 15. That's when the online distributor has the physical version of the game set to hit the road, launching for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $29.99.

As we reported earlier, this latest season of The Walking Dead is set to launch as both a digital and physical product. You can either buy the physical copy on Nov. 15 or pick up the first episode when it launches on that same date. No matter which way you go, though, you won't be playing through the entire campaign in one sitting. As with previous seasons of The Walking Dead -- not to mention all of their other series like Tales From the Borderlands, A Game of Thrones and the soon to wrap up Batman series -- Season 3 is going to be episodic. If you purchase the physical version on Nov. 15, you've basically nabbed yourself a season pass to all upcoming episodes. If you'd rather go the digital route, you can buy a season pass or spend a little extra money and buy the episodes one at a time, as they come out.

In an interesting twist on the Walking Dead formula, it looks like Clementine will be going on a magical adventure this time around, joined by her friends in a rainbow kingdom where nothing ever goes wrong.

That is, of course, an outright lie. Zombies are as big a pain in the neck as they've ever been, survival is nearly impossible and we expect to say goodbye to more than a few friends along the way.

We do know that Clementine will be joined by a new playable character, Javier, and it looks like the duo are doing their best to protect some new pals and even a baby. Early images from the newest season of The Walking Dead also show Clementine with a missing finger, so we're sure she's going to have an interesting reason for parting with one of her appendages.

Otherwise, details on the narrative are scarce, and that's exactly how we like it. There's no telling where Season 3 will head, but we have no doubt that it will be a trying journey. A journey we can all go on once Nov. 15 finally rolls around.

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