Newest Rainbow Six: Siege Update Prevents Players From Escaping Interrogation

Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft has updated Rainbow Six: Siege to address a problem relating to one of the new BOPE operators from being blocked from interrogating enemy soldiers. The patch prevents players from escaping interrogation.

Gamespot is reporting that update patch 4.3 has gone live for PC and will arrive next week on October 18th for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

The new BOPE operative, Caveira, from the Brazilian special operations group, can interrogate enemy players and extract the information on the opposing team's positions, making her an extremely valuable asset to the team. Well, this skill can literally cost the entire opposing team the match. Once your positions are up it's just a matter of time before the Rainbow team swoops in to clean house. To avoid this from happening players who are being interrogated literally quit the match to spare their team from being outed. That's loyalty.

The issue of quitting mid-match in Rainbow Six: Siege has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because it completely destroys the integrity of the team match. Ubisoft has addressed this issue and now a player who quits during the middle of being interrogated by Caveira still gives up the information, even after they quit. So not only will the enemy's teammates be revealed but by quitting the enemy will also be down a player. It's an absolute lose-lose situation for anyone trying to take the shortcut out.

Ubisoft's developers have been extremely vigilant in balancing out Rainbow Six: Siege since it released last year. It's one of the few games that has had a steady incline in sales and player engagement the longer it's been out. Usually, the opposite happens for team-based shooters, with the player count dropping, the engagement going on a decline and the sales petering out. The surprise growth of the game gave Ubisoft renewed vigor in keeping it updated, adding new content and -- as evident with patch 4.3 -- fixing issues to keep the game balanced and fair for players. This also included the addition of the new anti-bullying system.

In the patch notes, they reveal that the new anti-bullying system is designed to punish team killers in Rainbow Six: Siege. There have been issues with players killing their own teammates to troll or because they simply dislike their team. This is an issue that happens in a lot of games, including Call of Duty, Battlefield and every other military shooting sim out there where friendly fire can be turned on.

Some of you might be wondering why friendly fire would even be included in these games when people are known to troll, but in the case of Rainbow Six: Siege, the friendly fire plays a vital part in the game's reserved attempt at adding some realistic elements to the gameplay experience. Rainbow Six games have always been punishing with friendly fire because older entries in the series were known for forcing players to use realistic SWAT tactics for infiltration and takedowns. Ubisoft tried keeping those elements in place from when Red Storm Entertainment was turning heads with the older Rainbow Six games.

Update 4.3 also contains a number of bug fixes, level tweaks, and general gameplay improvements. With the patch going out in the wild, I'm curious how salty Rainbow Six: Siege players will deal with Caivera's interrogation technique now that they can't back out of the battle by quitting?

Will Usher

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