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Square Enix recently announced that gamers will have a chance to try out World of Final Fantasy nice and early, with a demo for the game arriving on PlayStation consoles next week.

Set to launch on Oct. 25, World of Final Fantasy will be playable in demo form next Monday, Oct. 17. That's a day before PlayStation Network content usually goes up, but Square Enix is basically known for doing things just a little bit different. The demo, just like the full game, will be available for both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4.

World of Final Fantasy

To celebrate the upcoming demo, Square Enix has also launched a look at the game's cinematic anime opening, showing off some of the so-sweet-it-hurts aesthetics, as well as giving a bit of insight into the gameplay folks can expect. As you will probably figure out for yourself while watching this three-minute romp, World of Final Fantasy neither looks nor plays quite like traditional games from the storied series.

Certainly a mixed bag, right? We've got characters that look like they would be right at home in Kingdom Hearts who transform into chibi versions of themselves. They can then call on the power of other Final Fantasy characters to help them in battle, with a catch and fight system that seems similar to Pokemon. And we understand the fighting system is more like your traditional turn-based fare, making for an old-school JRPG experience.

We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when someone walked into a Square Enix planning sessions and said, "Okay, I've got an idea, and it just might be crazy enough to work."

This, of course, is not the first spin-off game to come out of the Final Fantasy universe. From rhythm games like Theatrhythm to fighting games like Dissidia, the folks behind the series have never been shy about branching out and trying something different. And World of Final Fantasy certainly is different.

According to Square Enix, the WoFF demo will let players take on a mission from the game accompanied by three helpers. Fans of the series will recognize Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Squall from Final Fantasy VIII and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, only their heads will be about 600 percent bigger than normal this time around.

If you happen to stick it through for the entire mission, you'll earn an extra bonus, too. Wrap up the World of Final Fantasy demo and you'll unlock a special suit of armor for the full game.

I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy series, but I tend to enjoy the spin-offs even more than the core games. There's just something about seeing something familiar used in a new (and this time overly adorable) way. Here's hoping World of Final Fantasy continues the trend.

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