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Jackbox Party Pack 3 Has A Release Date, And It’s Very Soon

Jackbox Party Pack 3

If you're a fan of Jackbox Games, you've probably been waiting for the newest edition of the Jackbox Party Pack ever since it was announced. Now we know when we'll be able to play it, and it's very soon. The good news the game will be out next week. The bad news, if you play on Xbox One, is that you'll have to wait a few days longer than everybody else. Jackbox Party Pack 3 hits Steam, Amazon Fire TV, and PlayStation 4 on October 18. It will be out on Xbox One October 21.

If you're not familiar with the Jackbox Party Packs, they're collections of competitive minigames designed to be played among a group of friends. While they're played on your TV, the primary input device for most of the games is a smartphone or tablet, meaning that nearly anybody can play. Most games can be played by as many as eight players, but there are options for those in the audience to get involved as well, meaning that nearly any size party can play.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 includes a new edition of Quiplash, probably the most popular game from the previous packs (it certainly is among my friends) where players compete by completing fill in the blank questions while other players vote for their favorite answers.

Trivia Murder Party Is a trivia game, not unlike the classic You Don't Know Jack, except this one is hosted by a homicidal maniac who kills the players who don't play the game to his satisfaction.

Guesspionage has one player guessing how a certain percentage of people answered a question, based on an internet survey, and the others trying to figure out how close they are to the truth.

Tee K.O. is a slight modification on the popular Drawful game where players design their own t-shirt images and slogans, then players vote for their favorite. I saw this game at PAX West and really loved it.

Finally Fakin' It asks all the players questions, while forcing one player to lie about the answer, and everybody tries to guess who the faker is.

These look like a great collection of games to play, especially if you have a group of friends over, and probably some adult beverages as well. I've enjoyed playing previous Jackbox titles with friends and, with a Halloween party coming up, I'll certainly be looking to include the new games with the festivities.

Jackbox Games usually create some hilarious moments among friends. If you're a player, let us know yours in the comments.

Dirk Libbey

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