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Battlefield 1 arrived amidst a torrent of compelling trailers showing off the game's campaign and multiplayer modes. But what do the folks at Honest Game Trailers have to say about EA's latest FPS romp? Let's find out together.

When Battlefield 1 was first revealed to take place during World War I, the response from gamers was pretty surprising. Perhaps spurred on by the initial reaction to Call of Duty venturing so far forward into the future, it turns out gamers were really excited for the prospect of returning to the past. Since that initial reveal, we've seen all sorts of trailers showing off the game's various features, dramatic tone and, yes, explosive multiplayer.

But if you're looking for a different, and altogether hilarious, take on what Battlefield 1 has to offer, then the Honest Game Trailers folks don't disappoint. Hitting Youtube earlier this week, posted above is an "honest" portrayal of what you can expect in the trenches of Battlefield 1. If you're as lucky as I am, the Honest Game Trailer will actually be preceded by a legitimate trailer for the game, making the whole ordeal that much more entertaining.

The HGT gets right to the heart of the matter from the onset, explaining that nobody has really touched the First World War in a video game because, well, it was "too awful and depressing."

We should probably point out before we get too deep here that the Honest Game Trailer for Battlefield 1 has some spoilers peppered throughout, so you might want to proceed with caution if you don't want to discover, say, how the opening moments attempt to draw an emotional response from the player. Consider yourself warned.

I especially love an early section in the trailer where it's pointed out that the campaign is propelled by stories bearing gravity and respect for the subject matter but, once you're done with the short narrative; your primary focus will be yelling obscenities at a 12-year-old sniper on the other team of a multiplayer battle. Good stuff.

The trailer also takes a shot at the fact that this is a video game so, even though it's all about the gritty drama of WWI, you still have a "magical radar" and regenerating health. You're then treated to a list of measures taken in order to improve Battlefield 1's gameplay and multiplayer combat that, while fantastic for gamers, "probably have actual veterans spinning in their graves."

Promising "the most fun you've ever had with one of humanity's collective nightmares," the Honest Trailer does a good job (as always) of pointing out what makes Battlefield 1 so great while also shining a light on its silly, frustrating or downright ludicrous elements. There's even a short montage of physics glitches!

So, did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below.

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