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This morning during the BlizzCon keynote, a video was running that promoted the launch of Overwatch. In the middle of the discussion the video glitched out. It wasn't a buffering problem. It was Sombra. What we got next wasn't simply a trailer, but a short film revealing the rumored character Sombra. She's real and she's officially been announced as the next character in Overwatch by Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

Sombra has been the worst kept secret in gaming in recent months. Blizzard's augmented reality game designed to reveal the character seemed to go on forever, driving many Overwatch players crazy. The name Sombra was revealed and between the details from the ARG and the various leaks, which may or may not have ben intentional, the look of the female hacker was also revealed.

While we knew what Sombra looked like we had little information about who the character really was. The short film does a great job of highlighting not simply her abilities, but also the personality of the character. At first, it appears that Sombra is something of a noble hero, with a slightly playful side. As it turns out she, like most Overwatch heroes, is not so much black or white, as she is gray. She turns her back on the team members that she helps get in to the base because she's got her own agenda.

Sombra is a hacker, but she won't simply hack computers but other players as well, giving her the ability to use their powers against them. It should make for an interesting addition to the collection of characters.

It would appear that this short animation is the primary reason that Blizzard didn't want to reveal Sombra yet. They clearly put work into this short film and wanted to debut it in the right place at the right time. The fact that Overwatch players crowdsourced the hell out of the ARG seemed to catch the company off guard.

CEO Mike Morhaime also revealed that Sombra will be playable for those attending BlizzCon this weekend, and will be going up on the test server next week. No mention was made as to when Sombra will be added to the console versions of the game, but an Overwatch panel planned for later today at BlizzCon will likely give us that answer. After waiting so long, we don't expect Blizzard to take longer than absolutely necessary to add Sombra to the game for everybody.

What do you think of the first real look at Sombra? Will you be changing your primary character in Overwatch? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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