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Fans have been waiting to get a real look at the newest entry in the Mass Effect franchise. Today, on the usual date set aside for celebrating the series, we got it. Today is November 7th, N7 for short, and that means it's a day for Mass Effect news. To start, we have the cinematic trailer for the newest game in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Well, yeah, that looks like a Mass Effect game alright. While the first full trailer doesn't give us a great deal of information that we didn't already have, it does give us a much better look at how all that information will feel. While exactly where in the timeline of the Mass Effect universe this game takes place is not clear, we know that the ship in question, called the Hyperion, has been traveling for hundreds of years to bring a selection of humans from the Milky Way Galaxy to our closest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. There, they will apparently meet some new alien races that don't take too kindly to visitors.

While we don't see a great deal of the new aliens, we do see a number of familiar shaped creatures, there's an Asari character who will apparently feature prominently. In addition, we also see a Salerian, similar to Dr. Mordin Solus, running away from an apparent attack. Beyond one giant monster of some sort, that our player character is apparently fighting, the only creature we see is only viewable from the back of the head. Although, from what we can gather, the back of this head is somebody important, probably the game's big bad.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

While the trailer focuses on a male protagonist we know that, as in the previous trilogy, you will have a choice to play as a woman as well. The difference here will be that rather than simply picking the gender of your character, you'll actually be choosing which of a pair of siblings to play as. Whichever character you don't pick will still be part of the game as an NPC. We do apparently see the sister in a couple of points, though it's not clear.

Now, we just need to know exactly what it means to be the "Pathfinder." It's apparently a title of some kind that you receive. We're guessing it means you're in charge of leading your crew of Milky Way based lifeforms to your new home, wherever in the hell that happens to be.

We're excited to see more about Mass Effect: Andromeda when it launches this spring.

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