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Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer series continues to make waves in the gaming industry, many years after it started. This time the target was Final Fantasy XV where Conan and his co-host, Elijah Wood, tried to make sense of Square's new JRPG but failed.

The seven minute segment was posted up over on the Team Coco website, where Conan made it known that Square gave them a special early look at the upcoming Final Fantasy XV for the Xbox One and PS4.

They start off in the game after Aaron gives them a rundown of the story, but neither Elijah Wood nor Conan seem all too interested in the lore. They dive right into the game only to end up getting stuck out on the road in the desert, requiring the battling boy band-rejects to have to get out and push the car. Spending time pushing the car caused Conan to get frustrated because it began to bore him to tears.

While they waited for the car to get fixed they venture into the desert to do a few quests, with Conan joking about the fashion in Final Fantasy XV. Leather in the desert. Think about it.

From there they end up in a city talking about fashion styles for wedding dresses, which causes Conan and Elijah to laugh about the interests of the for young men, and then they eventually head back to the desert to fight a giant tortoise monster that would end up taking them 72 hours to defeat. Conan proceeds to bang his head against the wall waiting for Elijah to finish the quest. Conan calls the game a waste of time and one of the most boring games out there.

There's a pretty big cultural difference in how things are portrayed involving characters and themes in Japan and how we relate to things in the West, and conveying those differences didn't quite make the cultural leap in Final Fantasy XV for casual audiences like Conan and Elijah Wood.

Things get a little awkward when Conan mentions that the developers are just outside the office watching them play the game and that they heard and saw all the negative things he was saying about the game.

There's an interesting conversation going on over on the comment page of the YouTube video, where some gamers feel as if Conan was being overly negative toward Final Fantasy XV. Some feel as if this could hurt the sales of the game given that Conan and Elijah didn't like it and casual fans might not pick up a copy. Others pointed out that Conan is just a comedian and the whole bit was just a skit.

There is something to be said about whether or not casuals will be lured into the game based on these kind of impressions, but the Clueless Gamer segment really doesn't convey the depth and diversity of gameplay mechanics present in a game like Final Fantasy XV. Things could have very easily been different if there was a high-level segment showing off the really cool and cinematic-style combat systems in the game, or the flying Regalia, or the cool summons during a boss battle, but that probably wouldn't have made for a very good Clueless Gamer segment.

Final Fantasy XV is due to drop on November 29th for the Xbox One and PS4.

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