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If you own a PlayStation VR you might have picked Sony's headset up because it was more affordable than its competitors, was getting solid reviews, and offered a robust library of unique experiences. Those are actually the very same characteristics that recently got the device recognized in a big way.

Time Magazine annually names its 25 best inventions of the year. This year's list included everything from a levitating light bulb to a pair of shoes that tie themselves, a bike helmet that can be folded and easily stored, as well as magnetic tires that allow vehicles to literally drive in any direction. Also earning an honor on this year's list of best inventions was the PlayStation VR, which launched this past October alongside games like Batman Arkham VR, EVE Valkyrie and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

According to Time, the PSVR headset is a marvel of a device, not just because of its design, but because Sony figured out a way to get legitimate VR gaming into the living room at a fraction of the cost seen by its most direct competitors.

As the Time piece points out, folks typically have to shell out thousands of dollars if they want to enjoy the best virtual reality has to offer. That's not an overstatement for average Joes either, who would need to buy the already expensive computer VR headsets, as well as a beefy new computer that can actually run the things.

On the flip side, Time points out that the PSVR was designed to work with a machine millions of people already had in their home, the PS4, and it somehow manages to keep the VR experiences as grand as anything the competition has to offer. Even if you're just now starting out on the road to VR from scratch, Time argues that a PS4 and a bundle with everything you need to get PSVR running would be much cheaper than any other alternative.

That's high praise coming from Time, but it's also something folks have been praising since the PSVR's price point was first announced. While strides are being made on the PC front to make more VR experiences playable on less cutting-edge machines, the PSVR was simply designed to work properly, right out of the box, on the PS4. Add to that a reasonable price point and an extremely comfortable head set, and you've got a recipe for success.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the PSVR, we don't know what the future of the industry might look like. As Time points out, the stickiness of this kind of new technology often depends on how many hands you can get it into as quickly as possible. The PSVR did something that hasn't been matched on other platforms just yet, but its success may very well give those other devices/platforms the time they need to craft more affordable options that can bring even more gamers into the VR fold.

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