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Resident Evil 7

Microsoft's new Play Anywhere feature allows gamers to access certain titles through cross-platform compatibility. This means being able to play across Xbox One and PC, as well as sharing saves. Well, new info points to Resident Evil 7 possibly having Play Anywhere features.

According to IGN, Resident Evil 7 appeared in a recent article on Dengeki where they discuss each format's features, one of which includes a translation for the game's appearance on the Windows Store, where they revealed that there will be cross-platform compatibility between PC and Xbox One for saved games.

IGN points out that cross-platform saves are one of the key features for the Play Anywhere concept being pushed by Microsoft. It allows gamers to purchase a title digitally on PC or Xbox One and then play it on either platform, with the saved game sharing across both systems. The Play Anywhere also ties into cross-platform multiplayer as well, allowing for some games to enable PC players to play alongside Xbox One gamers.

According to the article, they did receive confirmation that Capcom's Resident Evil 7 would be one of the first third-party titles to make full use of cross-saves from PC to Xbox One or Xbox One to PC. However, what they could not confirm was whether or not cross-buying was an option.

Usually a game that makes use of the Play Anywhere feature also allows for cross-buys, which means that you could buy a Windows Store copy of Resident Evil 7 for PC and then attach it to your GamerTag account and then play it on the Xbox One. It's a feature that Sony has been capitalizing on to great lengths with the PS4 and PS3, as well as the PS3 and PS Vita, and PS4 and PS Vita. The ability to buy a game on one platform and then have access to it on another platform is a huge way to get gamers with multiple platforms to consider buying the game because it's almost considered getting a two-for-one deal.

The thing is, Capcom wouldn't confirm to IGN whether or not cross-buys would be available for Resident Evil 7. So while we know that cross-saves are going to be present, cross-buys may or may not be.

It would be a really odd move to allow Xbox One and PC gamers to share saves between platforms, but then force them to have to buy two different copies of the game to make use of the feature. Most people would likely ignore the game on either platform if the Play Anywhere feature wasn't really going to be utilized to its fullest.

But then again, Capcom may be weighing the options and seeing it as a potential risk to their bottom line if PC gamers just had to purchase one copy of Resident Evil 7 to play it on the Xbox One (or vice versa), as opposed to getting people to buy individual copies for each system. At the end of the day, a customer who pays twice for the game is more important than one who pays once for it.

Of course, Capcom may actually bite the bullet and allow for cross-buys between PC and Xbox One... but they certainly aren't going say so right now. We'll have to wait to find out what deal is with Resident Evil 7 and the Play Anywhere feature.

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