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Set to release early next year, Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay was finally shown off in a rather lengthy trailer. If you're curious what the game's combat will be like, this is the clip to watch.

Revealed during The Game Awards 2016, the above clip is called, quite simply, "Official Gameplay Trailer." That's because, up until this point, pretty much everything we've seen from the fourth Mass Effect game has been stills or ripped from cutscenes. We're finally getting to see some lengthy segments of the game in action here, and what we're seeing certainly has us excited. Also, it's easy to poke fun at misfired jokes and questionable advertising in The Game Awards but, when clips like this come out of the show, it's easy to understand why so many folks tune in these days.

Coming to us from the team at BioWare, who recently revealed that the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda begins a little bit before the final game in the original trilogy. You and your crew have been sent into the furthest reaches of space to look for a new home for humanity, taking you to some crazy new locations.

You're going to visit a lot of planets along the way and meet a lot of new people and alien races. As it turns out, quite a few of those alien races are just itching to be shot at, and it looks like Mass Effect: Andromeda is giving players the abilities and controls to get the job done.

A more strategic shooter, the Mass Effect series has in the past been more about positioning, choices, triggering abilities and the like. The shooting is fine, but it's not like we're talking typical third-person blast-a-thon accuracy or anything. Based on what we're seeing in this Andromeda trailer, though, it looks like the combat is going to be more fast-paced and action-heavy than in the past.

The video begins with a bit of backstory, giving viewers an idea of what their mission will be in Andromeda. From there, we get a quick look at a settlement and a negotiation that seems to be going south. After that, we get to see some ground vehicles in action, followed by lots of lovely pew-pew-pew goodness. The characters look more agile than ever and, as mentioned above, the actual shooting looks better than anything seen in the series to date.

After that, we get a bit of info about the survival nature of the game. You'll need to build, find or steal just about everything you need in the game, and you'll be doing that in less-than-friendly territory most of the time.

So what do you think, folks? Does this latest trailer get your blood pumping? How big of a blip on your radar is Mass Effect: Andromeda?

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