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A lot of people were upset when they discovered that game director Hideo Kojima and his long-time publishing partner, Konami, had a messy falling out. Working with Kojima on his current project at the time, it's no surprise that film director Guillermo del Toro was especially upset. Last night, he took to Twitter to let the world know exactly how he feels.

If you were expecting a long, multi-Tweet comment from del Toro, then you were likely disappointed with the comment above. No, instead of rehashing the details or giving a look into how the Konami fallout affected himself or his best pal Kojima, del Toro decided to keep things short and sweet, falling back on a phrase that many have taken up as a chant since last year's debacle: Fuck Konami.

To be fair, most of us have no idea what the full story is concerning the break-up between Kojima and Konami. From the outside looking in, though, it certainly read like a rough ride for Kojima, who was not even allowed to accept a statue at The Game Awards 2015 tied to his last Konami game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

That actually ties back into why del Toro shared his feelings last night on Twitter. In case you missed the news, not only was Kojima presented with the Industry Icon award at this year's The Game Awards, the trailer for his newest project, Death Stranding, was revealed. Coming from Kojima Productions, this is the director's first offering sans Konami and, along with previously revealed starring personality Norman Reedus, we learned last night that Hannibal himself, Mads Mikkelsen, will be in the game along with the one and only del Toro. We're not sure if del Toro will actually play a role in the final game, but he was certainly front and center during this latest trailer. It was, in a word, insane. If you need more than one word, del Toro's got you covered.

For those who think maybe del Toro is being a bit harsh, he has very good reason for feeling as passionately as he does. The guy has grown unfortunately accustomed to having big, beautiful projects pulled from his hands at the last minute and, for such a creative dude so devoted to his craft, it's understandable that these things would be crushing. Then, when he finally got to work with Kojima on a game, he had to watch as the whole thing came undone once again.

We take his succinct Tweet to be a response to exactly that. Kojima made it through some trying times, he's built a new team from the ground up, he's brought on some top talent including del Toro, and they're moving forward no matter what anyone has to say about it.

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