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Dragon Quest XI

During this year's Jump Festa 2017 event, Square Enix and Bird Studio made a pretty grand announcement, showcasing the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI. They didn't just reveal the game for Sony's system, they also let loose some other goodies on the teaser website.

The official teaser website for Dragon Quest XI features quite a lot of information just to tease gamers with. Actually, it's one of the few teaser sites that seems to put a lot into actually informing gamers about the upcoming title, which they reveal will be released during 2017. The game will be available for both Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation 4.

They also reveal three different teaser movies. The first is the opening cinematic for the game, introducing gamers to the widely diverse cast of characters, and the interesting graphics engine they're using to bring those characters to life.

The weird part about it is that they seem to be using realistic hair physics and shaders for the characters, but they have classic anime designs based on the traditional Dragon Quest visual themes. It gives the game a kind of creepy, uncanny valley look.

The second video previews the world map for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. This includes a look at the game's gorgeous environments, and colorful, larger-than-life enemies.

The PS4 version obviously sports higher end visual effects, including dynamic foliage, ambient occlusion, long draw distances, and layered dynamic and soft shadow mapping.

The horse physics and animations look amazing, along with the waterfall in the back. It's the kind of bright, colorful game to really give Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a real run for its money in the visual art direction category.

The Nintendo 3DS version is obviously very different from its PS4 counterpart. The 3DS rendition of this newest Dragon Quest sports a 16-bit style map overlay in the bottom screen, and a 3D game world in the top screen. It's literally a completely different game from the PS4 version, with lower-end graphics and visual effects suited to meet the standards of Nintendo's handheld system.

The last trailer is a quick character spotlight for one of the individuals who will accompany you on your journey along the way. It's only a 19 second spot but it gives you a quick glimpse of the blue-haired rogue.

At the bottom of the teaser site for Dragon Quest XI, they reveal that they will have more information available in celebration of the 30th anniversary for Dragon Quest starting December 29th, 2016. Square will celebrate the franchise's storied and long-running history over the past three decades with something special to round out the year. They hint at what they have planned over on the 30th anniversary website. Unfortunately we don't get to see any combat from this newest Dragon Quest title but footage will likely arrive soon enough.