It was a big year for games in 2016, with developers offering a wide range of experiences for folks to run, shoot, throw, drive, leap and puzzle their way through. So now the questions is, which games deserve to be recognized as the best the year had to offer?

Here at Cinema Blend, we're all about games that get a reaction out of the player. Sure, we prefer if a game looks good and plays well, but we'll take a rough diamond over a polished piece of granite any day of the week. This year's top games range the spectrum, including AAA blockbusters, indie darlings and everything in between. Here are our favorite titles from 2016.

10. No Man's Sky

Possibly the most controversial game of 2016, No Man's Sky took its sweet time getting to us and, once it was here, many felt the game failed to deliver on what Hello Games had been touting for several years.

As for us, we were plenty pleased with No Man's Sky, opting to enjoy the game's strengths rather than argue online over its weaknesses. While the initial gameplay was somewhat limited, few games take us through a range of emotions as consistently as No Man's Sky. There's a sense of wonder that goes along with every new species you come across, every new galaxy you warp into and ever new planet you discover. I still get excited every time I break atmosphere, wondering if I'll find a barren wasteland or a lush planet overflowing with new discoveries.

The fact that the developers themselves will never even see the vast, vast majority of what their own game has to offer is pretty impressive on its own, don't ya think?

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