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Yesterday was big on news for Mass Effect: Andromeda, including an unexpectedly close launch date and a brand new trailer showing off everything from in-game action to new weapons, alien life forms, menus and more.

If you are looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda, then you've probably already put a big red circle around March 21 on your calendar. Earlier this week, Electronic Arts announced that as the date for the game's launch, a bit of a departure from the usual announcement/launch cycle. We were expecting something like "Fall 2017" and got "in just two months" instead. Not a bad surprise to kick off the new year.

Before the release date was officially revealed we knew we'd be getting some Mass Effect: Andromeda love at CES and, as promised, the game's new trailer was shown off during the Nvidia keynote event at CES. It's short but sweet, showing off everything you need to see in order to rest easy in knowing that the next Mass Effect will mix a little old with a little new to make something, we hope, will be special.

According to the trailer's YouTube description, players will be placed in the role of a Pathfinder, "an elite soldier, explorer and guide" who has been given the difficult job of exploring a mysterious galaxy in the hopes of finding a new home for humanity.

As we've mentioned in previous coverage, Andromeda is set in the Mass Effect universe, but it's not really a sequel to the original trilogy. The story begins somewhere nestled between Mass Effect 2 and the early stages of Mass Effect 3. It sounds like the meat of the new game will take place a long, long ways away from the events that unfolded in the original trilogy's third outing. That's a rather brilliant way of keeping the connective tissue without having to mess with that controversial conclusion.

Arriving in late March for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, we're excited to see what Andromeda has to offer for fans of the Mass Effect universe. The new trailer is basically a quick look at a section of gameplay that features a whole lot of violence being enacted on the local wildlife of an alien planet. If nothing else, this lets us know that the gunplay will be more varied and intense; something akin to a standard third-person shooter rather than a clunky RPG fighting system.

Now that we've all seen the latest goods, we'd be interested to hear what our readers think of the new trailer and release date. Are you ready for Andromeda? Were you impressed by the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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