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With For Honor set to release next month, we knew that if Ubisoft was going to hold its open beta, it would have to be soon. Well, now we know exactly when that beta will take place and, yep, it's pretty-dang-soon.

Over on the Ubisoft website, they've announced that the For Honor beta will run from Jan. 26-29. This news comes to us via Polygon, who mentioned that the closed beta will launch simultaneously on all fronts, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. That's good news, since we're getting pretty tired of "play three days early" nonsense depending on which platform you choose.

Unfortunately, there's no official start or stop time for the beta, so you might want to just clear your schedule for those three days. Also, no word on whether or not players will be able to pre-load the beta client before it goes live, so it's possible you'll have to forfeit some of that play time just to download the client.

As we announced earlier, this closed beta will offer the faction-based multiplayer mode coming to For Honor. The final game will have a single player campaign and other multiplayer modes, but the War of the Factions requires players to commit to one army, either the Knights, Vikings or Samurai. Obviously, you're battling "for honor," trying to earn the most kills and points for your chosen side. What's extra cool is that this is truly a communal effort. While you're battling it out for your chosen faction on, say, the PlayStation 4, the leaderboards will include everyone from the Xbox One and PC as well. All platforms are combined here, giving players a better idea of which group, overall, reigns supreme.

No matter what faction you're on, you'll get a nice little in-game bonus that shows you were a part of the fight from its earliest days. If you're in the winning faction, though, you'll be getting some extra in-game rewards that will probably amount to more bragging rights. Those rewards, and only those rewards, will transfer into the full game when it launches.

Speaking of the launch, you can expect For Honor to arrive on Feb. 14, meaning we're only about a month out from the start of an epic war. Depending on how many people get invited into the closed beta, we're a little surprised that no rumors are circulating about an open beta to follow. There's still time following Jan. 29, of course, but not much. We just imagine that, with such a big online game, you'd want to test those servers as heavily as possible.

Anyway, there's everything you need to know about the For Honor closed beta. If you haven't registered yet, you might want to step on it.

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