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Prey looks to be coming along nicely, and apparently, the folks at Bethesda agree, as they've recently launched a brand new gameplay trailer (sorry, no coffee mug this time) as well as a launch date for the upcoming first-person shooter.

If you've had your eye on the new Prey game, then you'll be happy to know that we aren't far off from an official launch. Bethesda recently released Gameplay Trailer #2 and, along with the promised gameplay footage, they've revealed a launch date of May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

We already knew that Prey took place on a space station crawling with creepy alien life and that the player was going to have to fight them off, but this latest trailer shows off even more of the ways folks will be able to protect themselves. The video description states that players will have access to "badass weapons and powers" and, based on the newest footage, that claim checks out.

As explained, players will take on the role of Morgan Yu, who must blast his/her way through an alien threat known as Typhons. Like any good sci-fi game, even your character's identity is something of a mystery, so you'll be working to solve the mystery of the alien threat, as well as several questions revolving around who you are and what you're doing on the space station in the first place.

The new trailer opens with a few fast shots of action before heading to the quiet vastness of space, where the Talos I Research Facility is drifting along peacefully. The intrigue kicks it up a few notches when we get scenes of Morgan recording a message to be viewed by his future self.

A few images that remind us of Rapture in space (a compliment, not a criticism) are followed by a good look at the Typhons, which appear to be monsters basically made out of black oil.

It appears Morgan is the result of an experiment whereby he shoves a needle in his eye and gains special abilities. One scene appears to show the player running through an explosion that has been frozen in time, then we see them use a gun to shoot goop on a fire in order to put it out. There are more standard weapons, too, including a pistol and shotgun.

While we don't see Morgan dive into a coffee mug like in the last trailer for Prey, we do see him take control of a turret before using his goop gun to create platforms, shooting a laser at a monster and creating what appears to be a small vortex to suck in objects and baddies.

The whole thing ends with that May 5 launch date, as well as a list of goodies you'll get if you preorder the game including a fancy-looking shottie and a bunch of items to help you survive.

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