Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus

Square Enix has finally revealed when the first bit of premium character DLC will be available for Final Fantasy XV. Square's first bit of content for the story will center around Noctis' bodyguard Gladiolus.

According to Polygon, gamers won't be able to see the DLC made available until March 28th. The release date is nearly two month's worth of waiting, but Square wanted to make sure that they did right by eager fans who have stuck with the series all these years and who have invested a good amount of time in buying, playing and discussing Final Fantasy XV. It's also probably best they take their time and do the DLC right so that it doesn't feel rushed and half cooked.

The announcement for the release date was reportedly made during the 30th-anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy in Japan. Square revealed that the DLC would be made available for Final Fantasy XV and would feature Gladiolus, one of the three other companions who journeyed with Noctis through his perilous journey to supposedly get married.

The Gladiolus DLC, titled "Episode Gladiolus", is part of the Season Pass, which includes a number of content packs, including an episode for Ignis and Prompto. We're likely going to find out some key details about the story that were left out during the main Final Fantasy XV. For instance, Prompto was captured at one point in the game after certain events transpired, and a lot of gamers have been curious how that happened and what happened in between that time. Another life-altering event transpired for Ignis as well, which left a lot of gamers questioning how it happened... it's likely going to be explored in his episodic DLC.

For Gladiolus there's a specific segment in the game where he takes leave from the group to do his own thing. We don't know exactly where he goes but he meets back up with Noctis later on during a crucial moment. A lot of gamers are expecting the DLC to explain how he happens upon the scar on his face and many suspect that it may have to deal with Gilgamesh, who Square confirmed will be part of Gladiolus' episode in Final Fantasy XV.

Reports have been swirling for a while that Gilgamesh would be making an appearance in the game, and it comes as no surprise since he's been a recurring character throughout the franchise's history since Final Fantasy V.

If Gladiolus' DLC turns out to be a thorough story addition to the game that really expands and explores more of the gaps that were left unfilled in the main game's campaign, then it could spell good tidings for "Episode Prompto" and "Episode Ignis" further filling out the game's story and characterizations. There's also an additional story DLC pack, but Square has yet to say exactly what's stored within.

So far they've released the Holiday DLC Pack for Final Fantasy XV, which coincided with the Moogle Chocobo Carnival that is taking place up until early February, but the "Episode Gladiolus" will be the first major paid story DLC for the game. If you have the Season Pass the content will be free for you, but if you don't have the Season Pass you will be able to pick up the content for an undisclosed price. Expect a final price point for the standalone DLC to be revealed soon.

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