Ubisoft's For Honor is now out in the wild. The hack-and-slash Samurai versus Vikings versus Knights game has completed all the beta tests and is available on home consoles and PC. With that said, the game has gone through changes due to those tests and Ubisoft has listed all the major changes they made from open beta to full release.

Over on the official Ubisoft forums, community developer Eric Pope posted up a brief rundown of the various changes and improvements they've made to For Honor for its official release. The day one patch made changes to the matchmaking for those living off the Mediterranean Sea -- that region is now included in the matchmaking for the European continent. I have no idea where they were located before, but I'm sure they're glad to be part of the Euro family.

For Honor

Equally important to matchmaking are the improvements they've made to the heroes, such as the collision detection and improved animations. This is like 100% of the game right here, so making that slight adjustment isn't just welcomed, it's necessary.

They didn't exactly detail which animations they improved, but overall most of all the characters have great movement in For Honor and feel as light or as heavy as they look.

The audio for the game has also been improved, which is kind of important because during some of the pre-release Let's Play videos for For Honor there were times when the voices during the audio sequences would desynch or repeat in a certain segment. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the streams, but it appears it was an issue that Ubisoft had to correct on their end.

The user interface also underwent some improvements, including a very dangerous memory leak. They don't say where this leak was located or what caused it, but it's been fixed. I suppose that's the most important part about any memory leak, eh? In addition to the memory leak, the UI also had a bug that would cause major frame-rate drops. Once again, they don't say where this occurred but note that it did occur.

The rest of the changes are all general bug fixes and stability improvements, along with ensuring that connectivity is stable. The connectivity issue is extremely important because For Honor uses an always-on DRM mechanism. So if you disconnect even while playing single-player, you're going to get booted out of the game. I'm not entirely sure why they tied the single-player to an always-on setup, but they did.

There were also some bug fixes and UI improvements made to the overall meta-game involving the overarching theme of taking over the land. Once again, we don't know where or how exactly it was causing an issue but the issue was resolved nonetheless.

They also note that various Heroes on all sides were tweaked based on the feedback they received during the beta tests, and that those tweaks were actually present during For Honor's latest beta. So technically that's not really a change from beta to the full release, it's just something they wanted people to know about as part of the day one patch release.

For Honor is available right now for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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