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Adventurers ride chocobos across a valley in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV is still going strong and, with a new Nintendo console on the horizon, that's got a lot of folks wondering if perhaps Square Enix's popular MMORPG might be making an appearance on the Switch.

According to a report from The Sixth Axis, Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida isn't exactly ruling the possibility out. Yoshida made a few comments pertaining to the game during the recent Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Frankfurt and, while he made no promises, it sounds like Square Enix is at least looking into the potential of letting Switch players go questing in their latest MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV has been going strong on PC and consoles for a number of years now. While the Switch isn't exactly a mind-blowing powerhouse of a machine, it certainly seems capable of running a game like FFXIV. According to Yoshida, the main issue is apparently whether or not they'd be able to develop the game in a way where it could play nicely with other versions.

Yoshida said that, while the team's aim is to bring Final Fantasy XIV to as many platforms as possible, they don't want to venture into new territory if it means creating a "boxed off version of the game" that would not allow players on the Switch to interact with those on other platforms.

Yoshida went on to say that, if they could overcome those obstacles, then the team is "very interested" in discussing the possibility of bringing FFXIV to Switch. Since Square Enix seems game, we assume that means that the ball is now in Nintendo's court to pave the way for the game.

As the original story points out, the ability to carry the Switch anywhere you go would be a huge bonus for a game like Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, we're still not 100 percent clear on what Nintendo's online plans are for the console, or if it would even be able to handle a game like FFXIV. But still, could you imagine being able to play that beautiful MMO on the go? It would certainly be a big draw for many players.

The idea of cross-platform play isn't exactly new, but we're curious to what extent Yoshida is referencing for a Switch version of the game. Having Switch players being able to play with PC players is one thing, but what if say, players on the PS4 are part of his consideration, too. It would be great if everyone could "just get along" like that, but it's not super common. As of right now, for instance, Psyonix and Microsoft seem willing to bring Rocket League to a wider cross-platform market, but Sony just doesn't seem interested in opening the door any further than PC.

As with all early rumblings like these, we'll just have to wait with fingers crossed and see what happens.

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