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Nintendo is planning on bringing the heat when it comes to promoting the Nintendo Switch, gearing up to offer mobile demo locations boasting a collection of famous faces to draw in a crowd. But which famous face will be the poster boy of this operation? Why, John Cena, of course.

Over on Nintendo Life, they're reporting that Nintendo is planning a "pop-up tour" for the Nintendo Switch. Similar to what has been done with some VR hardware, you'll this simply means that Nintendo reps will erect a temporary structure that they can then funnel folks into in order to try out their latest hardware. This allows them to have a more direct involvement with the demonstrations rather than just bolting a unit onto an endcap at Target.

What's extra interesting, though, is that Nintendo isn't relying on the draw of the Switch alone in order to entice folks to give their new console a go. Instead, they'll be having guest spots with various "influencers" on hand, including wrestling superstar John Cena.

You'll have to pardon the fact that this article isn't covered with Cena-isms, as the my only real reference point for the guy is that no one, apparently, can actually see him. But it looks like he's certainly getting more involved with the family-friendly side of things. We already knew that he's clocked enough hours with Make-A-Wish to make an average person's day job seem like a light load, and he's also primed to host the upcoming Teens Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. But why he's being tapped for Switch promotions is anybody's guess.

A room will be set up in plain sight in "surprising" locations where celebrities will invite folks to come on over for a photo op and to check out Nintendo's latest hardware. This will be happening in three locations, though we don't feel they're all that "surprising," really. Now if you invited folks to play the Switch in a cemetery or abandoned saw mill, we wouldn't be arguing over semantics.

The first pop-up Switch party will be tomorrow, Feb. 23, at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. If you're looking to milk fake cows or adventure as Link with Cena cheering you on, this is apparently the event to attend. Next up is an event on Feb. 27 in Aspen, where the Snowmass ski resort will have a Switch room temporarily installed. Finally, Nintendo is heading to Madison Square Park in New York for the console's launch day on March 3.

If any of our readers is planning on attending one of these events, we'd be interested in hearing how things go. Give us all the details in the comments below.

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