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In case you were curious just how many of your fellow gamers have the same Achievements as you, Microsoft has rolled out a small update that puts a finer point on things. As in a decimal point. Yes, Achievement reports have gotten even more precise.

Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming platforms, Mike Ybarra, recently took to twitter to let folks gaming on the Xbox One know about a small change that has since been implemented. As Ybarra puts it, you can now check out Achievement unlocks down to the decimal level.

In short, if knowing that 10 percent of players have unlocked a certain Achievement in Gears of War or Halo Wars 2 wasn't precise enough for you, now you can see that the figure is actually more like 10.4 percent of players. Because, you know, it's important to know just how rad you are, right? Like, to an insanely specific detail.

Embedded in the tweet were a couple of examples of what Mike Ybarra was talking about. One instance shows an Achievement called "Totally meant to do that..." for Forza Horizon 3. In case the anticipation is too much for you to bear, only 16.38 percent of Xbox One gamers have managed to perform a barrel roll in a buggy in that game. Again pulling from Forza Horizon 3 was the example Achievement of "Still never found that Yeti." The menu shows Mike Ybarra that he's 52 percent toward achieving the goal of driving down every road in Blizzard Mountain, with only 3.29 percent of gamers having unlocked that Achievement so far.

We're sure that this will excite some of our readers, while others might be left scratching their heads. Speaking personally, when I'm told I have unlocked an Achievement in Smite, I never looked at the percentages and thought, "Yeah, but is that number actually 27 percent or, more like 27.8 percent? Because then it might as well be 28 percent and then I wouldn't feel quite so special."

I am, of course, speaking with tongue firmly planted in cheek here. Tracking Achievements isn't for everyone, but we know there are some gamers out there who take it very seriously. On the PlayStation front, I can't tell you how many times I've seen folks say something along the lines of "I really want this game, but if it doesn't have Trophies, then what's the point?" Again, different strokes and all that jazz.

So now comes the time for bragging rights. What's your rarest achievement on the Xbox One? Let us know, down to the decimal point, in the comments below and let's see who has the rarest of the rare accomplishments under their gamer belt.

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