The hype train for Injustice 2 is finally starting to get underway. DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., and NetherRealm Studios have been pushing a lot of promo material out for the upcoming fighting game, and you can check out some brand new Injustice 2 gameplay thanks to a new video DC uploaded.

The video clocks in at just over eight minutes long, and it features iZombie's devilishly handsome Rahul Kohli walking gamers through some of the new content in Injustice 2. The video was posted up over on the DC Entertainment YouTube channel where Kohli talks with a member of the design team from NetherRealm about the fighting game.

They first talk about how the gear system works and how players can pick up and play the hero (or villain) they want and dress them up in various armor pieces to make them look exactly the way they want. Based on what's mentioned in the video it seems as if there could be various iterations of the heroes from the different DC ages. If that's the case then that would be really awesome, because how cool would it be to deck out the 1970s comic version of Batman when he was wearing the blue and gray outfit? Of course, they don't explicitly say if that's the case, but they do show some gameplay clips hinting at the possibility of various classic and new-age outfits for the heroes being present in Injustice 2 along with the custom armor pieces.

They also dive a little bit into the character psychology for play-styles. They mention that Black Canary in Injustice 2 has some "awesome" up close combos and attacks that can be used to just pummel opponents into the ground. However, they also mention that her weakness would be that she can be zoned out... which can be very devastating if you don't know how to get around that. For instance, if your opponent is Superman or Supergirl and they constantly keep on hammering away at you from a distance with laser eyes, you may have a difficult time getting back in and turning the tide. But it is mentioned that she can utilize parry moves to get passed zoning and projectiles.

One of the things they also discuss is how easy it is to casually hop into a game of Injustice 2 and pick up and play it. One of the things they changed is that unlike some other fighting games out there like Mortal Kombat, you can block by simply holding back instead of pressing one of the bumpers or triggers. Removing the block button is definitely a step in the right direction. I always found the block button on the face pad or bumpers to be an inconvenience and for some reason, there seemed to be more of a delay in blocking with the buttons as opposed to just holding back.

Kohli ends up taking everything he's learned from talking with the developer to playing the game online in the Injustice 2 beta. He doesn't do very well but he does show off how the characters play in the hands of newbies. Superman appears to have a fairly easy-to-learn combat system whereas Atrocitus seems to be good at laying in combos pretty easily without much know-how.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to release on May 16th for the Xbox One and PS4. NetherRealm has been running limited beta tests leading up to the game's release, so keep your eyes peeled for more beta codes.

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