Battlefield 1 DLC

Electronic Arts and DICE have some brand new details to share about the upcoming DLC for their World War I first-person shooter, Battlefield 1. This includes the four major expansions that are available through the Season Pass bundle.

Gamespot collected all the details and rolled them out nice and neat for everyone. They cover the four major expansions for the game and what will be included for those who decide to either purchase them individually or gather them up with the season pass bundle. They start with the first expansion.

They Shall Not Pass

In this expansion for Battlefield 1, players are introduced to the French army during that era. This not only includes the French army but also French maps. This was a very odd thing that was missing from the original game since World War I heavily involved France, and, surprisingly, both the multiplayer and campaign mode were missing the tale of the French soldiers. They Shall Not Pass will include four French maps for players to battle across, along with the introduction of the Char 2C mobile tank, and a new behemoth class vehicle. DICE has been feeding gamers new details on this particular piece of DLC through the CTE, the Community Test Environment, as they prep for the full release.

Name Of The Tsar

This is the second major expansion due for release for Battlefield 1, which includes the highly anticipated Russian army. This is yet another odd decision from DICE and EA given that the Russians played such a large role in the events of World War I, but were basically absent from the campaign mode and multiplayer mode in the game. It was such an odd decision, but I'm guessing that a lot of that boils down to the fact that a lot of gamers who are World War I buffs would probably be willing to put down some mad coin for the Russians and French, hence why they're likely DLC as opposed to the Americans and British. Anyway, the Name of the Tsar will focus on the Hussars and include major battles from the Brusilov offensive and Albion assault.

Turning Tides

The third DLC pack is called Turning Tides and will put a focus of the content on naval battles, another big part of the World War I war effort that largely went ignored in Battlefield 1's campaign mode. The cool part about it is that the DLC will leverage what was introduced during the standard game with the mission "The Runner". This will see players taking part in the Zeebrugge raid in Belgium, as well as one of the more iconic campaigns that took place across Gallipoli involving the Ottomans and many Aussies. The Gallipoli campaign was alluded to during the story mode of Battlefield 1 but players didn't get to partake in that battle. Well, with Turning Tides they will get to storm the beaches of Gallipoli.


The final piece of content as part of the Premium Pass is called Apocalypse and it's centered around one of the more "infamous" battles of World War I, but they don't say exactly which moment that is. They do note that this particular Battlefield 1 expansion will include "unique weapons" and "brutal tools" that came from desperation and deadlock. Given the name of the expansion and the brief description, it sounds... ominous. Nevertheless, DICE has definitely taken a lot of liberties with the weapons featured in Battlefield 1, so we'll see what they come up with for the fourth and final DLC pack for the game.

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