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Things didn't start in the best way possible for Microsoft and Xbox brand for 2017 when they announced the cancellation of the exclusive Scalebound. Well, gamers are now a little leery about Microsoft and what they have planned for the system in 2017, and Microsoft has given gamers a little bit of something to latch onto when it comes to expectations.

Gamespot is reporting that head honcho of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer, has expressed and explored more about what Microsoft is doing with the brand throughout 2017, including the game pass. Spencer explained in a podcast with Major Nelson that the Xbox Game Pass was in the works for quite some time, and that they felt $10 was a fair price for being able to gain monthly access to a library of 100 games that spans the likes of both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Xbox One 2017

The Netflix like service has been receiving a lot of chatter -- most of it positive -- from the community who likes the option to play games for as much as they want for a flat-rate of $10 a month. Others were a little bit leery about putting that kind of control into Microsoft's hands, given that in the past the company has had a variety of services they've shutdown for one reason or the other out of the blue.

Nevertheless, Microsoft will be moving ahead with Xbox Game Pass, giving gamers up to 100 titles to play that will have new games added, old games removed, and various other inclusions based on what third-party publishers want. They'll obviously get a percentage of the revenue from the service.

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Spencer also wanted to potentially take the Xbox Game Pass to the next level, if it's successful, and offer exclusive episodic content on the service. He directly compared it to Netflix and Amazon Originals, saying that it could be a good platform for indies or episodic games like Life Is Strange or Telltale's series.

Another big change this year for Microsoft's Xbox brand is that E3 for them will start on Sunday instead of Monday. They will hold their conference in the morning ahead of Bethesda's press conference, which will take place later in the day at night.

The article also notes that they will be changing up how the booth will be presented on the show floor. They seem to be rearranging how the booth will be setup so that it will accommodate the public this time around.

According to Phil Spencer, he mentions that they're moving the appointments, meetings and dealings out of the way of the booth and focus more on just gamers being there to play and learn more about the big games, saying,

We're trying to make a booth that will allow more people to play as many games and getting, as you said, our meeting rooms and everything else out of the way. It shows no lack of commitment to E3. I think E3's an incredibly important point for our industry and something that we're committed to make great and I can't wait to see all of our fans down there.

This definitely makes it seem like things could be very interesting this year for Microsoft and their appearance at E3. We'll likely find out more about the timing and content of their press conference leading up to June. A lot of gamers are highly excited about details on the Xbox Scorpio.