System Shock 3

One of the upcoming titles that has garnered a lot of attention is Otherside Entertainment's System Shock 3, not to be confused with Night Dive's System Shock remake. We don't know anything about the game but we are left wondering if the game is coming to consoles? Well, here's what we know.

Over on the official Starbreeze website, they announced that they would be publishing System Shock 3 for PC and "other platforms". They're injecting $12 million into the project to invest in its development and production.

This is an interesting way to word the news. Throughout the press release, they avoid mentioning specifically what the "other platforms" are. Speculation has already run rampant about which systems we could expect to see the new System Shock appear on.

It's already a given that we're likely going to see the game make an appearance on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I mean, who wouldn't release their game on those platforms? The more interesting aspect of this news, however, is that "other platforms" could also mean the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro. While both systems may be the same as the vanilla Xbox One and PS4, they also offer additional horsepower to push for graphics and resolution settings far exceeding the vanilla consoles. Some games take more advantage of this horsepower than others.

So depending on how far they plan to push the System Shock sequel graphically will determine if there are special features taken advantage of with Sony and Microsoft's eighth gen refresh units.

Of course, there's also the possibility mobile ports, but that seems a little unlikely for a hardcore shooter-RPG like System Shock 3. You would really need fully FPS controls to take advantage of the game's functionality, which just isn't viable on smartphones or tablets unless secondary control mechanisms are attached.

However... this does lead to the question about another popular system: the Nintendo Switch.

They don't mention the system, obviously, but depending on if sales continue to be as consistent as they have been over the last two weeks, it would be a hard system to deny.

Of course, the big question for System Shock 3 on the Switch is if they would actually scale the game down to run on the system's portable mode? Right now it seems like one of the biggest issues affecting some third-party support is install base and whether or not the teams are willing to adapt their game to run scaled down for portability. It could end up being a big selling point for both Starbreeze and Otherside Entertainment if they did decide to pursue it, but we won't know until they're further into the development of the game.

Speaking of which, Warren Spector has been brought back on board with Otherside to lead the development of the game. Spector was renown for making the original two System Shock games and the original Thief and Deus Ex, pretty much many of the major first-person shooters that have either been remade or helped inspire many of today's popular first-person and stealth titles.

They don't offer a release date on when we can expect the third entry in the System Shock franchise, but the game is fully in development and we'll likely have to wait until E3 to glean more details from the project.

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