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A lot of rumors have been circulating concerning a possible Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch and, thanks to a recent job posting, we have our best evidence yet that just such a game might actually be in development.

Over on Siliconera, they've stumbled upon a Japanese job posting from Game Freaks, best known for their work on the main entries in the Pokemon series of games. They've had a couple other small titles hit the market over the years but, let's face it, you don't really need a backup plan when you're the team responsible for the Pokemon games.

A similar job posting is actually available on the Game Freaks official website, but there's some extra info in the Indeed listing that's got Pokemon fans humming with excitement. According to a translation from Siliconera, the posting states that the job opening is for a "globally popular RPG" that will be launching for a "console." They also claim that the applicant will be creating character models on par with what can be found on the Wii U or PlayStation Vita, and that it is a series that is known by "just about anyone."

Assuming this isn't a bogus job posting, it doesn't take a mathematician to add two and two together on this one. Yep, it looks like we're closer than ever to confirmation that Pokemon is coming to the Switch.

Way back when it was made clear that the Switch would be playable as a portable console as well as a homebound gaming machine, rumors started circulating that Game Freaks was working on a new Pokemon title for the versatile Nintendo console. In previous Pokemon games, there was always a third "complete" version of the game that would eventually arrive on Nintendo's portable consoles. While the initial Pokemon games for each generation boasted exclusive critters, the third version had the full roster, and usually some additional bells and whistle to convince everyone that a second dip would be worth the money.

Last year, Pokemon Sun and Moon dropped, with people instantly speculating as to whether a "Stars" version of the game would eventually arrive. (I still hold that Eclipse would make more sense, in case anyone at Nintendo is listening.) In other words, now that it appears Game Freaks is looking for new employees to work on a super-popular RPG for a home console, it seems like there's a pretty good chance Pokemon Stars, or whatever it ends up being called, is actually in the works.

We don't doubt that would frustrate some gamers who are afraid of the 3DS losing exclusive titles and, thus, fading into obscurity, but we figure a heck of a lot more would simply see it as a great reason to run out and finally grab a Switch. Heck, they could be making it for both platforms, for all we know. Or neither. Again, this is speculation, but it seems to have some pretty solid ground to stand on.

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