Destiny 2 Pre-Order Bundles

Activision and Bungie have already announced that there are pre-orders available for Destiny 2. The game is still a ways off from release, and it won't arrive until September later this year, but some gamers are probably already curious as to how they're going to decide which Destiny 2 package to pre-order.

Gamespot is reporting that there are several retail outlets and e-tailers offering pre-order buying options for Destiny 2. GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon each have their own special offers.

If you pre-order the game from GameStop you'll get a Cayde-6 figurine that comes with the package. However, you aren't guaranteed release date delivery from GameStop. This also happened with some of the Nintendo Switch units, where they didn't all ship out on the March 3rd date, but they got to customers eventually.

Best Buy also doesn't guarantee that Destiny 2 pre-orders will ship day and date on the game's September 8th release. Best Buy also doesn't have any special bonuses with their offer.

Amazon also lacks any special pre-order bonuses, but they do guarantee release date delivery, so if that's something you're concerned about then Amazon may be a decent bet for you.

In addition to the three different places offering pre-orders, there are also multiple editions of the game that can be purchased, including the standard $60 release of the game, along with a Digital Deluxe Edition for $100, which features a season pass, a legendary sword, emote and a Cabal emblem.

The Limited Edition of Destiny 2 for $100 features a physical copy of the game, a limited edition steelbook case, a Cabal-themed collector's box, a cabal schematic, a collectible postcard and a set of Cabal military Pawns. The physical Limited Edition also comes with the digital deluxe DLC bonuses as well.

The biggest and baddest version of the game is the Collector's Edition, this bad boy will cost you $250. The Collector's Edition of Destiny 2 will feature the base game, the season pass, a physical frontier bag, complete with a 15 inch sleeve so you can store your laptop, a frontier kit that has a solar panel USB charger built into it, a paracord and a solar blanket, along with all of the steelbook case Limited Edition content and all of the Digital Deluxe Edition content.

Technically, you get a heck of a lot of cool stuff in the Collector's Edition of Destiny 2. They make that $250 really worth it.

Depending on how big a fan of Destiny you are and how much you really want some rare collectibles to add to your stash will depend on which one you'll want to go with. Obviously, if you want the Cayde-6 figurine you'll want to pre-order from GameStop, but if the figurine doesn't interest you then Amazon or Best Buy is the way to go, especially Amazon if you want guaranteed day-one delivery.

As for the different iterations of Destiny 2? Well, you'll have to budget how much you're willing to spend on the game and what you feel is worth the investment.

You can look for the game to launch this September for home consoles and PC.

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