Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch

BioWare has been under the microscope ever since the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, with a lot of people asking what they're going to fix and how they're going to fix it. Well, BioWare outlined their roadmap for the next patch.

Over on the official Mass Effect website they announced that this upcoming Thursday April 6th, they'll be releasing a new patch that addresses the technical performance of the game. This includes black screens, crashing, locking up, and other glitches found throughout Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Additionally, they'll allow players to skip ahead when traveling between planets on the galaxy map, along with increasing inventory limits, improving the appearance of the eyes of the human and Asari characters, and improving localized voice over lip synchronization.

The eye issue is interesting because that's not something that requires a whole lot of resources. Dead eye can usually be fixed via a post-processing effect or slight modification to the way refraction and reflections are rendered on the eyeball models. It's not intensive work but it does require a bit of tweaking when it comes to the way shaders are used.

They're also improving Ryder's movement when zig-zagging in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This issue, again, isn't very intensive as far as work is concerned since that's more of an animation programming issue rather than an actual animation problem. The animations were getting stuck in a loop when quickly zig-zagging, making Ryder look like they were having a bowel movement when moving up and down steps. This can usually be fixed by spacing out how the animations are called to draw in the animation scripts.

They're also improving matchmaking and some latency issues in multiplayer with the Thursday patch.

Over the next several months they plan on improving more pressing issues, like the conversations with Hannity, as well as the male romance options for male Ryder.

Other graphical upgrades for Mass Effect: Andromeda will also include character appearances and hair rendering, as well as addressing complaints about the limited variety of options in the character creation menu.

They estimate that these changes will roll out over the next two months, which makes sense given that they plan on improving the cinematic scenes and animations of the characters, which can definitely take a while to improve. It's not just a matter of tweaking the numbers in the scripts.

On the plus side, though, they do make it known that the character creation customization options for the single-player will be made available... for free. So that's a good thing. There were a lot of complaints from gamers that modifying the characters was rather limited and they were hoping for more options similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition or Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3.

We'll get to see how much the game has improved when Thursday rolls around and the lip-sync tweaks are made available in the Mass Effect: Andromeda patch along with the other bug fixes. Additionally, they plan on also rolling out new content for the multiplayer portion of the game as well over the next few months, so even if you don't care about the animations and glitches being fixed, there will be some new content for the online multiplayer as well.

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